i’m smiling next to you

Sometimes a (forgotten) song (I once liked) sneaks into my mind and stays there for a day or two.


Coronavirus please go away! Enough is enough. 

Although we learn how to live these days. However we do not recognize each other anymore. We have to cover our mouths and noses when we are in public. Spooky, huh? 

I went shopping the other day. For veggies. There is a bazaar nearby my place. You can buy food of any kind, clothes, lottery tickets, have your shoes fixed and so on. I like going there every now and then. We know each other by sight. Even if I do not go to this particular joint or booth, I nod to the owner. You can always have a little talk with people. The quality of vegetables and fruits is ok but I find this place expensive. But quality goes with the price, right?

So, i am masked. Only my eyes are shown to the public. I see a lady at the entrance. I shop from her quite often. She made a weird movement toward me. Like never before. She looked so happy to see me. I thought „woah! That’s odd”. However I am greeting her with kind „good morning”. She took a second look at me and said:

  • oh, I thought you were my son
  • Yeah, i know. You cannot tell now with all those masked faces – I replied
  • Yes, you are right – she agreed
  • Everyone looks the same now – she said sadly

And that was the point. If you have a hat and sunglasses on, you really can pass your good friend unconsciously. 

And you never know when someone is being nice and friendly and is smiling to us. 

I’m smiling next to you in silent lucidity.


Thank god they are “defrosting” economy in Poland now. Step by step. Regular stores are open. They mentioned something about restaurants and pubs being reopen May 18th. Yay! There are gonna be restrictions. I got it. But please let’s get back to normal. Otherwise we, the people, will go abnormal. Isolation is killing us.

I thought I would be the first in the lines this Monday. But I was not. Shopping, spending money, having, possessing, consumerism? They are all evil under the same name. It repels me. That is the positive side effect of covid-19 in my case.   

Last Saturday, last Sunday and today I spent ZERO zlotys! And I survived. How did I do it? Although my fridge and freezer are finally empty. Time to stock up again…not.

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  1. saberblog

    I have similar experience, a few weeks living in a lock-down, not going out with friends nor shopping hence I managed to save lots of money. I am gonna spend that extra cash on long well deserved vacation ?

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