I took myself to the river down below.

First i will address a few words to my former English teacher, Miss Catherine P.

My dear former English Teacher (E.T.), thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my last post’s pics. When i had Instagram i always tried to show Poland or Warsaw as a place worth visiting. If yesterday you were desired to return to Poland, i really do not dare to guess how you would react now. Behold today’s set of pictures dear Catherine. Should i expect you at the Okęcie Airport any day now? I hope you are well.

Apparently, summer has decided to take a leave on us now. Move to Australia dear Summer. You are awaited there. My upside-down friend is sick and tired of cold winter.

I woke up today thinking about Łazienki Royal Park. As a continuation, a consequence of Saturday’s stroll. A concept weekend? I like concept albums. Now Marillion is on. Clutching At Straws is one of the best concept albums ever released.

However, Łazienki seemed so close. 

When was the last time to visited New Town and Old Town? New Town is not new per se. It is old but younger than our Old Town. So, it is called New Town. You will see it on my pictures below. That was a plan! Walking down the river up to the Fountains Park. Climb some stairs up and enter the New Town. The weather was not formidable, but not conducive to walks. And, as i assumed, there was not so many people. Yay! 

On my way to old Warsaw i decided to grab some chow at Makrell, a fish restaurant on a boat. I love this place. Meat is murder … sometimes. I had a smoked mackerel with potatoes. The coffee was good – black and strong. At the bar a young nice-looking lady asked me about the food. I praised the meal – it was so yummy, as always – i said with no lie. She appeared to be the owner. We had a nice talk. Her significant other was on the Night Market and she was keeping an eye on the boat. A really nice talk. Sadly, the Makrell is only open until the end of September. I said goodbye and moved on.

Fountains were sad. They were gushing as usual, but during the day it was not as spectacular as in the evening. 

New Town was quite empty. Which was good as i could take some nice pics. There were some people in the Old Town, but pandemic made it less crowded. You could walk easily. Before covid-19 you had to really wade thru people in that area.

On the Castle Square there was some people selling crap to others – cotton candy, waffles, soft served, balloons. Still, Warsaw streets were not as loaded with people as it used to be before. Sad times. 

I was surprised why there was so many cops at the churches and monuments. A holiday? A funeral of a famous person? 

When i go to the Warsaw’s palm i got it. LGBT+ protest.

People are equal no matter what. 

Enjoy the pics!

Down the Vistula River

New Town

Old Town

Random Pics