about me (in no particular order):

– seeing the world thru the lens

– enjoying life

– music enthusiast

– loyal to friends

– food and drinks lover

– anglo- and russophile

– book worm

– fan of logical tasks crosswords sudoku mathematics

– definitely not a fan of punctuation marks and capital letters


i am a huge enthusiast of usa

every state has its own motto

m-state has one too – live and let live

i like getting to know people from every corner of the world

it is a positive side effect of what i do for a living

i hope you get the picture of m(e)


i have already run my own blog (www.mdobrogov.wordpress.com)

since August 2009

but i could not dare to write in english

lately i have got the need to vent my thoughts in shakespeare’s language as well

to all my friends who do not understand my mother language

sometimes i tell them that i post some interesting story on my blog

and they are like – well thanks it’s all greek to me

now i hope i will not get the response like – it is in english but still i do not understand

if something is unclear tell me so

i would really appreciate any form of criticism (or praise)