Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

I like my dreams. I like to dream a dream. Unfortunatelly only sometimes i remember them and most of the times i forget them quickly.

When i walked to my office today i had few dreams in my head. Now they are gone. Am i old? Or that is just the way it is?

My dreams are very realistic. Two nights ago i dreamt that it was warm in Warsaw. 21C degrees (ca. 74F). I woke up and immediately run to the window. In one smooth move of my hand i rolled the blinds up. Nope, no sign of 21. Damn. But the day was nice indeed. Only 2.

I think i dreamt about it becasue i checked the weather in Austin. It was 20 C degrees. So reality reflects on my dreams. But it is only one way street. Sadly.

Oh. In my phone, in weather app, i have put cities my friends live in. So i can check if they are hotter than me or not. Well, i need to find new friends. Maybe from eastern or northern europe beacuse i am not that hot right now. Damn it.

Of course i am kidding. The weather is always a solid topic to start a conversation. Oh my, san francisco is colder than Warsaw now? No wonder my new friend Mike moved to la yesterday.


Let’s get back to dreams.


One more thing about m. When i was a kid i had recurring dream about flood. And everytime i woke up, my bed was …flooded. Oh yes, I wetted my bed ‘til i was … dunno, big enough. Kindergarten. So dreams may reflect on reality?

But please do not tell about that wet fact of my life to anybody. I blush easily. And when blushed and embarrassed, i stu-stut-ter.


I like looking out the window. Watching people or the world outside is very relaxing, interesting and cognitive. At nights i just stare at the dark sky full of stars dreaming about how it would be up there? Is there a shooting star? Can i make a wish?

As a teenager i wished for NOT going to the army. And look, i have not spent a single day there. And army was obligatory back then. However studying made us free from that duty. Now it is only for volunteers. So dreams do come true. I have not served in polish army and ended up with ba and md degrees!

My biggest dreams as far as travelling and discovering world was concerned used to be:

– see new york city

– travel trough australia

– drive from cape town to cairo or from cairo do cape town


The latter dream is no longer valid. I have been to nyc 14 times in past 12 years. Australia was on my „things to do in 2019” list but hmmm. What? Where? Ke? It is way too expensive and it is such a long flight.

I like america. Awesome nature and awesome people. That is what i like about this country the most (in no particular order).

Not that long ago i thought about giving up america and explore other parts of the world.

I’m going to a town that has already been burnt down
I’m so tired of you, America


However when you have seen 26 states, you need to finish your masterplan. 24 to go.


Today America is thankful for anything they want. We do not celebrate it. We did not have pilgrims. We had crusaders who were invading us in the name of christianity. In 966 it all ended and we started invading other pagan countries.

We have our christmas. It is the most special time for us. The whole family gets together. No matter where you are, you need to come back home. But we wish wishes, we are not thankful.

Lately i have been dreaming about visiting my friends from instagram. When was the last time (and only time) i was in San Francisco? September 2009. Geez, time flies. Yesterday i read there was a question on „who wants to be a millionaire?”

Alcatraz prison situated on an island also called Alcatraz is closest to which city?


I did not see the answers. Everybody knows it is …

Oh damn, 160 characters have been already used in this post.


Happy thanksgiving my beautiful friends!

Ula from austin has just told me she has a 19 pound bastard for 5 people in her oven. Ula, share!

Mike from cali is lazy, i mean convenient – he drove to the city of angels and now his folks do the stuff.

I do that too. I go to my folks, and miracly, everything is already prepared. A real christmas miracle.

Mike from kansas city (mo) got sick so he had to stay at home. So no visiting his son and grandson in oklahoma. Some italian restaurant in the part of the town where his dad used to live. Nice. Thank god my friend is so much better today.

Ula from fair lawn (nj) is gonna limp to her russian friends for dinner. Thank god my friend’s knee is better with every day. Lady limp-a-lot. Sorry Ula, stupid joke.

I wonder what Ted from coatesville (pa) is doing today? I need to drop him some lines.

I am thankful for the internet. It makes the people come together.


Dream on people!



  1. ulatx

    Thankful for a great friend you are, still pretty hot today and sometimes even hotter, but always joyous and forgiving 😉 Cheers to all!

    • mdobrogov

      I am thankful too! Share the bird 🙂

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