first of all i would like to congratulate Wizzair for not letting us down … again. But this time and thank God the delay was only 40 minutes. The plane was half empty so no crowds. I was alone in my row.

Looking at the people I could see the difference between polish and Albanian. Interesting, educational.

We left the airport after 1 am. We were picked up by the hotel driver and taken to our Garden B&B. Looking out the window of our “limousine” I could say that it was about time to visit this country. The scenery was very diverse. Shining new buildings, blinding us with logos of western companies interspersed with old, bit scary and somber structures. Classical architecture of old times. It really reminded me of Romania or … 80s Poland. I am pretty sure Albania will change promptly into a modern city. So, this is the right/last time to visit this region and soak in. 

The airport looked very modern. I am really surprised we cannot use our boarding cards in wizz app on our way back home. On the other hand, we could pass the passport auto-control.

My first impression? Diversity and contrast.

And we do not know yet if it is because of the fact, we are vacationing, or it is really relaxing here. Mañana style in the air.

In the morning we talked to our hotel stuff. Super friendly people. I hope everybody here are the same.