I’m living in the upsidedown.
So tired of the real world now

I like photography. I like seeing the world thru the lens. Thru somebody else’s lens too. Why not? Let’s see the world in a different perspective. We can see one world in a million ways. Nice. It is like listening to somebody’s opinion. So it can be educational or/and cognitive.

Lately i have noticed that rotated pictures give me a whole new perspective. Some photos are really hard to look. My eyes ache. My brain cannot adjust to that new world order. However some other rotated pictures show me a completely new perspective. You can see things that are not so obvious in a straight picture. Wow, I am talking like David Lynch now.

They say the world is spinning around

I say the world is upside down

I went for a walk yesterday. My friend advised me to go to any forest near my place. Thank god i need only less than 20 minutes to enter the world of trees. „No dogs“ signs are everywhere. So what, if the law is being violated by stupid people.

– oh, do not worry, my dog does not bite

– well, maybe he does not bite you

Hey, i like dogs. Although cats can remember things that happened 16 hours ago. Their brain can storage 1 000 times more data than iPad and it is 1 000 000 times faster. Thank god i gave my iPad away to my nephews. But no! I will not get myslef a cat. Live and let live – remember? That is m-state motto.

Let’s get back to the forest. I took some pics holding my phone upside down. What would happen if the sun was here, among us? And the ground was above our heads?

Earth is spinning round
I know the world is upside down
Is upside dow

i love Ian Brown’s music