I have been into social media for a while. 2005? Maybe. I purchased my first laptop in Ocotber 2005.

I did not hear about FaceBook at that time.

First website i discovered was myspace.com. I could share my pics, upload music of my favourite bands, artists and, of course, talk to people. One girl was my frequent visitor – Deanne or Dianne. Born and raised in USA, living with the family in Greece. She always had some kind words about my pictures or my activity on my page.

Additionally, you could follow your favourite artists and see what they were up to. I had every studio album of Steely Dan and Donald Fagen. But they were so unfriendly on their myspace page. It was private. I could not understand that. If you are a musician, you exist thanks to your fans, you live and create for them. Strange it was.

It was not long before i deleted my profile. Now i do not remember why. Maybe it was too limited? I could not do more with my page. Do not know.

The second society i entered was polish version of classmates.com. My high school friends are awesome and one of a kind. I am in touch with some of them. I was looking for my classmates from elementary school. It was 2007 or 2008. We graduated in 1991 and our paths diverged. So 16-17 years of separation. My school was sport oriented. Our thing was handball. Sport which i do not enjoy anymore.

It appeared that my three best friends from school lived in New Jersey. Two of them got married and settled down in Garfield. The third one moved to Princeton. We were so close so we decided we needed to meet rightaway. And we did so. Long Horn Steak House. Four of us. Whenever i pass this restaurant driving Hwy 17, i think of that meeting, of my friends. After the dinner we went to the married couple’s house to reminisce more. We had a blast!

I deleted my profile as well. And once again, i do not know why. Maybe i was unsocial or i did not find it interesting anymore?

2013 August – i was given my first real smartphone for a trial period. My friend bought iPhone more than 4s so, as the great(est) friend, he gave me 4s to see if i would like it or not. I heard so much about instagram. I did not fancy FaceBook at all. I thought it was time thief. As i liked taking pictures, i picked instagram for my new social life.

Now, after more than 50 months, i look at my activity and it is good. First of all i meet amazing people. People with passion, with interesting point of view. It is very discovering to explore the world through other people’s eyes. I have made friends with some of them and we have been in touch on a regular basis. Different corners of the world – Perth, Austin, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Philladelpia, New York, Gaziantep, Trikala, Torino, Białystok, Warsaw, Rzeszów, Myślenice. Variety of characters, personalities. But with two qualities – sense of humour and passion for photography.

Some of them i have already met in real life, some of them I hope i will meet one day.