Making Poland beautiful again.

I have been so lazy lately. Writing-in-English-wise lazy. I am a sloth and i like it.

On Polish blog i have been so productive since February. More than 60 posts so far. Covid-19 thank you very much.

Today, after storms and thunders in Polish politics, we could go out and vote. Originally, we were about to pick the president of Poland in May 10th. But everybody knows what has happened to our world. Evil has invaded our planet. A small malicious virus has come uninvited.

I cannot tell you who gets my vote or who is a better candidate. We have an election silence. It started on Saturday. By breaking the silence i can be penalized. Up to 1 000 000 polish zloty (ca. 250K $). One million people! I do not want to be distasteful, but i have not started crapping money lately. Hence, i would rather not tell the details. I can only assure you that i have already fulfilled my civic and democratic duty.

Today is the day we are about to make a change. A new president? Or a new cadency for an old one? We will see. It will be a new Poland for sure. I just hope that no one will get 50% votes or more today. I would like to see what will happen in the second round. 

We just need to go out and vote. That is our duty as we are a democratic state. We had fought for democracy and we got it in 1989. 

I got prepared for coronavirus election. Mask, pen and id in my pocket. The queues only scared me a little. Keeping the distance is a must. Outside and inside the electoral commission. I saw some pics from across my country, and yes, people were standing in the lines. Damn! 

who sneezes goes to the end of the queue – a today’s joke.

To my surprise there was no lines. Yay! Life is great.

Vote or die everybody!