Impossible, innit? Besides, who wants to live forever? Another “immu” word was supposed to be used in the title – immunization of m.

I am covid-19 free. Or at least i am getting there. Today the second shot was implemented into my body. Come on my antibodies. Stir up a big time inside of me. 

They say Moderna gives 94% security. It is so much better than zero. 

It was a real mess to sign up for (my) vaccination. According to the National Plan of Vaccination i could get my first shot no sooner than May, 11th. I found a place in Warsaw for that day. Astra Zeneca was not the best choice, but i could not do anything about it. In the meantime, my high school friend texted me – call or send an email to the medical clinic in Białystok (my hometown). A picture of some kind of a flyer was enclosed. I read there was an assurance of one hour email reply. In general, it was a third text like that already. Different places, same message and a promise of an early vaccination. No luck every time. However, this time i got THE email address. I gave it a try … half-hearted. It was April, 15th and April, 21st i was about to start my overdue holiday (i got 22 days from 2020). So i gave them time frames – 16th – 20th April.

I could not believe my eyes when i saw the respond. It REALLY was answered within an hour! 

April, 16th, Moderna – a very short message.

The perk of that place was the distance to my folks – a quarter of a mile. I went to Białystok, got my shot, had a lunch with my lovely Mom and Dad and took off.

Not everything was smooth in the clinic. I was about to be the next and they held us of for 20 minutes. A lady collapsed, fainted. I saw an i.v. drip. A male nurse guarded the door. I asked him if the lady was fine.

Yes, she is alright. They do something to her heart – he blithely replied. Well, as far as i know, if they do something with your heart, it is far from being alright. Luckily, after 20 minutes they let me in and i was stabbed by a young male nurse. I did not feel a thing. 

On my way home i sang a lot in order not to fall asleep. There was no one who could take the steering wheel. And singing was … bad … as always. I do not allow any audience to hear my angelic voice. 

Early evening i went for a walk. I did not have my 10 000 steps done yet. I called my friend who got (with his wife) vaccinated two days prior. He informed me they were fine. No side effects. However, they got a pill. A regular cold pill. Just in case. My friend’s mom’s order. Suddenly i felt shivers. I started to feel weak. The sky got grey, the wind started to howl. 10 000 steps effort failed. But i did not give a damn. All i wanted was swamp in my bed. To my surprise i was very thirsty and crave for food. I did not enjoy whatever i was sticking inside my mouth. I just wanted to eat. So, drinking and eating was the good sign, right? Before 10 pm i fell asleep easily. Another good sign.

At 1:30 am i started texting my US friends as my Polish ones were sleeping. I could not get out of my bed to grab a glass of water or pee. Strange. Normally, if i am weak i cand do all of those activities. But they just make me sweat and tired. This time i literally could not get up. I was shaking. Feverish chills all over my body.  

Half of the Saturday i was in different dimension. Not with the living for sure. I managed to text my friend and asked for help. He brought me THE pills. I took one and immediately i resurrected enough to blink my eyes and walk here and there in my apt (as i have lots of space to walk here and there, hahahahaha). Another pill was swallowed before sleep. Sunday was a blessing. I could even take a shower and make my bed. In the afternoon i took out the garbage. 

My arm was aching … in a funny way. It was not disturbing. I just could not move it much. I wanted to, i had strength to do so, but i just was not able. An invisible force was holding my arm down. On my first night i could not sleep on my left side (i got my vaccine in the left arm).

So, if anybody is asking, the first shot was a hell. A day and half days taken out of my life. My friends divided into two teams. If the first shot was bad, the second one will be easy peasy team number 1. If the first shot was bad, it means you had covid-19, so the aftermath of the second shot would be unbelievably horrible for at least three days team number 2 . I liked the former team better. 

My Awesomely Amazing or Amazingly Awesome (i can never remember his full name) Friend Michael from LA/SF and now Chicago informed me he asked in advance for 3 days off after the second shot.

This time i was stabbed by a much more experienced-than- that- young-male-nurse female nurse. At the end i did some “ouch!” just to let her know i did not enjoy it. But that was more of a joke than pain. The shot was not painless at all but it was not painful neither. I just felt it. That was it.

I had lunch with my folks and took off. This time i sang just a little bit. A good sign.

At home i took a nap and a pill just as a precaution. I went for a walk to complete my 10 000 steps project. I failed again – 9 524 steps! Damn. The sky got grey, the wind started to howl. An unexpected mizzle was the icing on the cake. I did not fancy walking in the rain.

My hand aches the way it did in April. I think i will fall asleep before 10 p.m. again. I see some resemblances between shot number 1 and shot number 2. However, i hope nothing more will happen. I want to see some discrepancies too! I do not wish to spend three days in bed (oh! That would be a discrepancy!). I am the huge supporter of the team number 1. 

by the river of … Białystok. Where I sat down