I think Bono did. Jesus! Coronavirus has grounded us all. We are at our homes doing (un)usual things. Bono recorded an untitled song yesterday. Some call it „a song for Italy”. I am gonna be like Janice from Friends:


I think even dogs can hear Bono and they broke free. I cannot listen to that. Those lyrics, that … singing. Awful.

Home office day 1. Finally i can protect myself. Hashtag stayathome. And weird things have started to happen.

Yesterday i said „i had a dream”. Well, i dream weird dreams now. Last night it was a nightmare. It was en english exam. Written. It seemed to be easy however i had problems with it. 10 minutes to go and i barely finished first half of the test. I asked my teacher for explaining me some words. It was really not easy. There was always one word or one tiny expression i did not understand. That reminds me of my real english classes in college. Those classes were easy peasy but the final exams were real shockers. Especially the first exam after second semester. I got B+ and i had few words for our teacher after. During the classes we were doing easy texts like „I am a window” or „What is your name?”. That kind of crap. Easy peasy, right? Our teacher was playing us his fav songs and we read and learnt lyrics. He had a good taste in music so i liked those classes. But the sentence like:

I love you – whispered John, squeezing his hand on the handle of the knife harder and harder 

ain’t as easy as „i am a window”, right?

And that sentence was the shortest and the easiest one on the test. So after when we got our tests back i told our teacher what i thought about his classes and the final exam. Thank god he was a good teacher and let me improve myself. I finished my year with an A. I do not wanna be taken as a nerd or something. I was speaking on behalf of the people of my group. We were not prepared and did not expect this exam to be so hard.

Oh, i remember one task. We were supposed to write down a conversation. Topic? Cars. Work in pairs. Me and my friend were very creative (palm face).

– hello

– hi. How can i help you?

– i have a problem with my rear view mirror

– what seems to be a problem?

– i cannot see anything

Now, after 25 years, i am embarrassed.

Well it is so much better than my conversation in 1991. Russian classes. Me and my friend Marcin. Topic? Getting-to-know-each-other conversation:

– Hi Marcin. What’s your name?

– Hi. My name is Marcin. What’s your name Maciej?

– Maciej

Palm face big time!

We got C+. After few russian classes i switched to german classes. The grass is always greener on the other side – i thought. But it was not. I ended up with some knowledge of an ugly language. But those classes were not fun at all. Nein!

So, i work from home. It is nice. Peace and quiet. And what is most important – SAFE! Cuck Foronavirus. They said that in China they did not record any new cases of coronavirus in the country! Yay! New cases of covid-19 in China are from people who came from abroad. I hope i am clear with that message.

But Italy? Spain? Germany? USA?!?!?! 5,322,  3,194, 2,993, 2,440 new cases alone today respectively. That is frightful.

Poland? 355 total cases/68 new cases today/5 deaths/13 recovered. I thought i would go to my mom and dad’s as my home town was coronavirus free. Sadly, yesterday they found their „patient zero”.


World? 241,933 total/23,145 new today/9,989 deaths/86,704 recovered.


So, home office. A whole lots of possibilities how to work. You can be naked, you can pick your nose, you can even cook, you clean the apartment! I did few of those things. Will not tell you which ones.

After work i remembered i wanted to watch Citizen Kane – the greatest film ever made. So far i have watched 1 hour and 11 minutes. 48 minutes to go. The movie was made in 1941 and i must say … wow! Yes, it is an old movie and you can see it. However this movie is really good. Citizen Kane rejects the traditional linear, chronological narrative and tells Kane’s story entirely in flashbacks using different points of view. Orson Welles also dispenses with the idea of a single storyteller and uses multiple narrators to recount Kane’s life, a technique not used previously in Hollywood films. The most innovative technical aspect of Citizen Kane is the extended use of deep focus, where the foreground, background, and everything in between are all in sharp focus.

David Bordwell wrote that “The best way to understand Citizen Kane is to stop worshiping it as a triumph of technique.” Bordwell argues that the film did not invent any of its famous techniques such as deep focus cinematography, shots of the ceilings, chiaroscuro lighting and temporal jump-cuts, and that many of these stylistics had been used in German Expressionist films of the 1920s, such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. But Bordwell asserts that the film did put them all together for the first time and perfected the medium in one single film. In a 1948 interview, D. W. Griffithsaid, “I loved Citizen Kane and particularly loved the ideas he took from me.”


Now i know why i am not bored with the movie.

What else is on the list of the greatest movies?

Bicycle Thieves (1948) – thankyou, next

Vertigo (1958) – is it Hichcock? I think i saw that 11 years ago. I do not remember it.

Tokyo Story (1953) – hmm, i am intrigued. Maybe next.

The Godfather (1972) – oh my, classic! I love that movie. They say it is the only case when sequel was better than the first movie.

What about Mad Max 2?

And i remember i loooooooooved Terminator 2, too. Or even better than Terminator 1.

Well, i think coronavirus will do us good as far as books, films, plays are concerned. Finally we have time for things we did not have time before.


And that was Thursday!