Last Friday i found something odd in my Sadyba Best Mall. Every day i shop for my grocery there. As usual, everything has been closed for weeks now. Only grocery stores and drugstores could be open in Polish malls. Everything else has been out of business. So, there was no people, no life. But last Friday i saw … movement. I saw Christmas trees, light and ornaments. Something was there. Weird, what is with that Xmas crap? Oh, its almost December – i deemed wisely. 

Blinds at the entrance of the shops were half rolled up. There were people inside, implementing the shelves. 

Oh yeah! 28th of November is tomorrow – i shouted in my mind. Business is back on. We are slowly being unfrozen. The government decided to open just stores. Make trade available again … before Christmas. Government needs money. Revenues and taxes, taxes, taxes.

I wish they would open pubs, museums and restaurants. But those places are high risk of catching covid-19 (according to our Prime Minister).

On Saturday i went to my mall. There is a nice bakery stand. My favourite loaf of bread is the one with walnuts and figs. 

When i entered the shopping centre i was shocked. It was loaded with people. Oh yeah, it is today – i remembered. After my prompt purchase i left the premises even more promptly. I hate shopping. The line to the iSpot made me laugh. This place was always empty. Now the line? Maybe new iPhone12 has been finally launched in Poland? 

That day i understood what “shop ‘til you drop” meant. Did those people really yearn for spending money? I do not care. I shuddered and left.

I walked around my little Czerniakowski Lake. As usual. To relax, to cover 10 000 steps (which has been my daily ritual for years now). And it was empty. No people. What? Why? – i asked myself – oh, yeah, everybody went shopping today.
I took a detour. Normally it was always a loop around the lake. I strayed from my usual route and wandered some bushes around. Muddy, unattended paths. Shoes cover with dirt. No one around. Alone again in the lap of nature.

But there was something disturbing in my picture. Garbage!

I cannot believe how people could be so stupid! We do not need covid-19, we are destroying our planet ourselves. Through our stupidity, laziness, neglect, and thoughtlessness. And besides, i do not get it. Those bushes are quite far from the housing area. So, someone had to have time and energy to trash them out here. Would not it be faster, easier and more convenient to use your dumpster? If you live in the blocks of flats, it really does not make any sense. You can trash lots of things at your place. You pay a lump sum anyway. However, if you own a house, that is a different story. But still, are you really that screwed in your head to take your stuff and throw them away in the bushes? 

Business as usual… sadly.

Today, on Sunday, all kind of stores are closed in Poland (of course there are exceptions). I went for a walk and I saw people again. Now I know they just like walking. Either parks or shops, they need to be in motion.