Is vinegar a polish thing? Let me think about it.

Want to enjoy the real taste of delicious meat gelato/jelly? Sprinkle it with some vinegar.

Want to clean your shower cabin well? Add vinegar to warm water with baking soda.

Swallen or twisted limb? Wrapped it with a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar. That is what my mom always does. And remember – mothers know best!

Fish in vinegar is healthy, yummy, delicious. And it is a very good appetizer for events when vodka is being consumed. In Poland we say – fish likes to swim.

This time, on my yet another trip to USA, i decided to introduce this unique dish to my friends. As it happens, most of those friends originate from East from Poland. I have nothing but kind words about my Russian friends. Funny, friendly, open, with huge inclinations to good food or music. Only my Lithuanian/Russian/Syberian friend Ruslan does not like my favourite band Griby (aka Grebz). He describes their music simply –

агрессивная музыка.

In English it means – amazing and very amusing tunes. Yeah, right. Whenever Ruslan asks me what kind of music i can choose to play, i answer promptly. You do not have to ask me twice – aggressive music 🙂

Я так давно не был в зоопарке
Там мишки и тигры, обезьянки
И панды, пеликаны и страшный лев
Они так хотят обниматься (Базару нет!)

Let’s get back to our fish.

You can choose any fish you like. This time i bought sea bass and burbot (lota lota).


1 sea bass (gutted)

1 burbot (gutted)

1 lemon


black pepper




Vinegar marinate:

2 tbs of salt

4 tbs of sugar

8 cups of water

2 cups of vinegar

bay leaves


Put everything together in a pot and boil. You can really experiment with propotions.

You also need:



hot peppers

jars (i did not have jars this time but i knew i would eat those fish within 10 days. That is why i used a glass bowl)

How to prepare fish:

Cut off heads and tails. You can use it for fish broth

Slice them in 2-inches pieces

Salt, pepper and sprinkle with squeezed lemon juice

Leave it for 2 hours

Pour some flour on a plate or bowl

Whisk an egg in a separate bowl

Toss fish to coat in flour, in egg and in flour again

Fry the fish – 2 minutes each side

In jars put sliced onion, garlic and hot peppers

Place the fish

Pour the vinegar marinate

Close the jars

Let it cool

Place them in the cold place

After around 5 days it should be good to eat

If you want, you can pasteurize the jars

Apart from fish, i also did mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts this way. Just boil them (does not apply to mushrooms) in tap water for 3 minutes, place in the jar and pour the vinegar marinate. Do not fry anything.