or the truth about m i should say.


Couple of years ago i started to talk on instagram to a turkish guy named Murat. We were in touch quite often. He seemed to be a nice man. I learnt some facts about him and told him about me. And with time we could say we were friends.

Murat impressed me with his passion – traveling. Now, he says he has visited around 56 countries. I am lazy and far behind – only 21 countries and 26 US states.

Last may or april my turkich friend shared the news. He booked a trip to poland! We met on june the 2nd. He and his wife turned out to be very nice people. And they were very thoughtful – they brought me little something! Turkish sweets. Thank you very much! And set for drinking this and that with a pack of coffee. The only thing that was missing was a (melting-)pot for brewing coffee. I said it was not a problem. It could be easily purchased in warsaw. I showed my city to my turkish friends. Unfortunately the lady did not speak english so Murat had to translate everything for his wife. But it was not a problem at all. There is one moment from our meeting that is still vivid in my memory – soft serve ice cream. They were mesmerized with them. Of course they bought one. I was on my diet, so no milk products for me then.

Zrzut ekranu 2019-11-22 17.55.28

So let’s get back to that coffee melting-pot or my laziness i should say.

Close to my place there is a coffee/tea store. As you can imagine there was never a time to visit them. Somehow i manage to step by … this month. I told you i was lazy.

Natural perversity of inanimate objects. The shop assistant could not find any pots. However she told me i could find them on internet. No way! Really? Why did not i think of that before?

Today i was wandering the streets of warsaw. I mean, i was doing some business errands. Red sign caught my eyes – TURKISH STORE. I passed that place but i stopped quickly. To enter or not to enter? – i asked myself. Enter! They could have that thing for brewing coffee. And they had! A nice lady ushered me to the shelf and presented the goods in question. I picked one right away, paid and was about to leave.

Oh. What a lovely jar of delicious eggplant. Oh, here is another yummy one – i continued conversation with myself.

You know what? I think i will stay here for some time – i informed my personal shop assistant.

I took a look around and picked some goodies. Reasonability prevailed. Stingy maciek won over let’s-buy-everything-in-here maciek. Another fact about me. I am lazy and lavish sometimes 🙂


I rushed home to brew my first ever turkish coffee. Unfortunately that melting-pot is smaller than my burner! Damn! Thank god i am resourceful and managed to brew that turkish coffee somehow.


Now i need to buy that thing that you put on burner and make it smaller.  Only if i knew what that thing was exactly called! As i know me i will buy this soon. Maybe spring 202…