I like walking. I like being on the move.

Some say that 10 000 steps a day is a must. Some – that it is just a minimum.

Damn you smartphones. They count all your steps all the time. They challenge me anytime they are by my side or in my pocket.

10 000 steps? That is a lot. You have to start early in the morning. I remember times when I was lazy (forgive me father, I was a sinner). My bus stop is 30 seconds from my apartment. Changing here, alighting there, taking bus, subway, tram – I am already in my office (only 10 seconds from the bus stop). So walking was not a good friend of mine.

But it has changed.

Thank God for city bikes. They are a death bikes but so far so good. I have had only one near-death experience. Those breaks did not work! I put my feet back on the ground – risky but effective.

So I walk.

Now I go to the furthest bus stop in my neighbourhood. 800 steps, thank you very much. Five bus stops later I am at the Constitution Square. And walking continues. 2 300 steps later, I am enjoying my work, my workmate, my computer, my office, my tea, my last day’s emails. Work makes us … (finish the sentence).

So I have my route.

My morning routine is boring.

6.11 – alarm clock


6.15 – pressing ON button my remote control of the one and only Yamaha PianoCraft

6.16 – choosing the playlist for the morning – yes, my Yamaha is awesome but slow

6.16 – 6.20 – “there is a rat in mi kitchen” – breakfast: coffee and yoghurt with oat bran

6.20 – 6.30 – enjoying my first meal of the day whilst surfing internet

6.30 – 6.45 – bathroom

6.45 – 6.55 – looking thru the window, dressing up, switching off everything that is on an ON mode

Spit to the left, cross seven times, saying nice words to my apartment and I am ready for my everyday challenge/struggle.  Mornings are hard. Not a friend of mine on weekdays.

Oh, yes. I talk to my apartment and other appliances and things in there. Very often it is like this:

–        Grow goddamnit! – I planted avocado and lemon

–        What the fuck is wrong with you. Vacuum! Or I swear, I will buy iRobot

–        Have a nice day apartment, it is Thursday already!

Yes, I am very nice … sometimes.

Of course, bad things can happen, so my routine may vary.

However, what I want to say is, I meet always the same people at the same time in the same place.

On the bus stop – guy smoking a cigarette. Jesus, I would fall into pieces if I smoke a cigarette that early. Two people with their small stand with the “Jesus loves you” or “Jesus is everything” brochures.

In the bus – that stupid kido blocking the entrance.

A guy who smells like he has just bathed in his ashtray. I am very close to ask him if he is aware of his stench. And he always stands close to me. That is what I call luck. I know he is a barber close to my second office. Every now and then, when I walk from my one office to another, I pass him standing in the door smoking a pipe. His hair parlor is old fashioned. At least it looks like it. I wonder if he has those rotating, leather chairs?

Oh, and there is a woman in her 50s. She is my favourite passenger. Anytime she enters the vehicle, she opens every possible window. Or at least she tries to as they are blocked by the driver. You know, AC is on = windows are blocked. Me, a huge fan of cool weather, appreciates her for doing that.


My last straight to my office – from Constitution Sq to ugly brown building called The Office.

First there is a guy with puzzled face and in-ear headphones. Is he lost? Is he new in town? You might say that. What is he listening to? “In 100 feet turn left”? No, cannot be. If I see him almost every day, he must be from here. Weird expression on his face. Really weird. At least he looks like smiling.

Then there is a teenager who does not look ahead. She listens to some music too. We always almost bump into each other.

In a bakery I order a bread roll with spinach. “Just 4 minutes and it is ready” I hear it every time. “Ok, a bun with cream cheese, please”. I do not like buns – that is a little secret of mine.

At the Hoża Street, there is a “Good morning TVN” (breakfast TV) studio. On the street there are already equipment and weather forecast board. Sometimes, when I am late(r), I can see weather person talking about temperatures, rainfalls, sunny days and other.

I cross the perpendicular streets whenever they are clear. I do not mind the red lights. I only do minds vehicles. Let’s do it in New York City’s style people. I need practice. 13 days to go and I am there, exploring the City.

Crossing the streets on red lights is illegal apparently. I got caught twice in my life – in Białystok when I was 18 and Poznań around 10 years ago. Thank god no fines. They just wrote down my name and address.

At the Novotel hotel I see people smoking cigarettes, catching the taxi cabs, taking pictures of our national treasure – Culture and Science Palace.

At Rotunda, same men and women trying to hand me booklets of any kinds (English schools are most popular. Do I need English classes? Damn, maybe!) and newspapers. I used to take them, as I knew how ungrateful this job was. Now, somehow I do not.

Few steps more and I am in my office. Last glimpse at the clock on the palace – 7.35 am.

3 149 steps have been done!

Have a good day everybody!