Today 13th edition of OncoRun was held in … Hmm, thanks to corona it was held everywhere in the world. I ran in Warsaw, my friend Ula helped in Austin, TX.

I started my run in … New York City. Ended up in Warsaw.

I met Kamil 9 years ago. Cancer survivor. But what is the most important – a great man! After he was healed he decided to help the others and came up with this whole OncoRun idea.

It is a simply initiative. Nothing out of ordinary. Just run around the Oncology Institute in Warsaw for one hour. I have run in 7, I think. 8 so far? Hence, I know how this event has been developing and expanding. The last year’s was the biggest. Crowded. But we managed somehow not to trample and stumble over each other.

This year is different. But I hope we helped even more. Kamil says 1 500 people signed up for the run. Awesome!

Helping is easy!