It has been a while since i decided that i would be making at least 10 000 steps per day. And i must admit i have been doing pretty good so far. 

My record was 3 years ago. Hiking polish mountains – 50 000 steps on one take. I could not feel my legs by the end of the day. My right knee was aching so bad.

The worst are the days when i fly. Planes are way too small to walk and to cover 10 000 little steps of mine. However, following days, when i explore New York or other cities, i do it with a vengeance. I walk like crazy. 

The yearly average is always more than my assumed number. Right now, my daily average from the last 12 months is 12 093 steps. Walk on!

Walking is fun and healthy. It keeps me moving.

I think it also helps me explore my neighbourhood or other parts of my town. I can enter various nooks and crannies. You cannot do it by car. 

My flat is located in a very convenient part of Warsaw. 2 miles to 2 parks. Royal parks. Łazienki Royal Park and Wilanów Royal Park. The former is up north, and the latter is down south from my crib. 2 miles = 3 000 steps. Both ways = 6 000. Ta-dah!

Every now and day i go the Wilanow Royal Park and Palace. And today was now. When i settled down in Sadyba i thought that Wilanów is sooooo far away. Outside the city. Why even bother to go there? I used to visit this place, but like once a year. Or even less often. And, silly me, i always took a look at the Palace and went back home. I was not aware of the existence of the Royal Park. The Palace is surrounded by the Park. I did not realize that then. When i learnt that fact, my trips became more regular. I wonder if they sell annual pass. Thursdays are always free. But i never wait ‘til Thursday. If i feel like going there, i just go.

This place is much smaller than Łazienki Royal Park. More private, more intimate, less people. You can be with your thoughts undisturbed. Wilanów has been visited by me at different times of the year. I remember my January walk in snow. Rainy strolls could be fun too. Not nice when you are not armed with an umbrella or a raincoat. But fun if you can stay dry. Well, besides, there is a gazebo. So, you can always wait the rain out. If it is hot? Shades of the trees are more than happy to give you some relief. You feel like rowing? Go ahead and rent a boat. 

However, there is one thing i yearn. Maybe not yearn as this thing is impossible to happen. I would love to step back in time to 17th century and meet the original owner. His Majesty John III Sobieski, the King of Poland. He died from a sudden heart attack on 17th June 1696, aged of 66. If i could travel thru time, i could have visited my king. We could drink some …  mead and smoke some weed. Oh, wait a minute! Did they have pot back then? Oh, wait a minute even more! I do not smoke pot. It is not legal and (not) healthy. Shhhh.

Enjoy my pics. 

Tomorrow? Maybe i will walk up north.