means 5 ants are more than 4 elephants. Simple math. Sweden is also simple for me. Although some Swedes would like to see more determination from the police.

Some gentleman burned a religious book, the Koran, I suppose. Apparently, you can destroy all kinds of tomes in Sweden. And local followers of Islam started riots. The police are helpless because it is frown upon to attack refugees and people of other than Swedish nationality. Part of the Swedish society demanded at least the use of water cannons.

Well, the Polish militia is not among the world’s best neither. Compromising films of the Polish police during the Civic Platform period are circulating on the Internet. And today’s militia can only guard the house in Żoliborz.

I’m starting to get to know Sweden and Scandinavia in general. I have experienced more than one ritual so far.

Last December i found this mulled wine drinking ritual (Glöggmingel) a very nice social event.

Lucia, or the feast of Saint Lucy, somehow did not sweep me away. I saw girls dressed in white with wreath decorated with candles on their heads. But someone did not think about the sound system. And they said they could sing well. With angelic voice. Pity.

Fika – another social phenomenon, or rather a tradition. A break from work is sacred. However, fika is THE coffee break accompanied by something sweet. Then it is time for casual conversations between people/workmates.

Midsommar on June 24 is still ahead of me.

The Swedes do like to enjoy themselves.

I have already mentioned that i am Camilla Lacberg’s biggest fan. I’m crying my eyes out because i am headed to the end of the Fjällbacka saga with Patrik Hedström and Erika Falck solving crimes. Witch has almost 100 pages left! But I see a light in the tunnel, because one Swede kindly informed me that Camilla was about to publish a new book about the adventures of a nice couple from a seaside village! I am looking forward to the release and to my long-dreamed trip to Fjällbacka. I have been promised a roadtrip in Sweden. I need to learn the language quick. I am making a crappy job of it! It is bloody weird language to pronounce.

And it is in Camilla’s last book that the phrase is uttered – fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter.

It is said that this it was a kid TV show from the 70’s. During the current trip to the north of Europe, I was presented with one episode. I am not surprised that the program survived for only two years! If I, aged … 29, was scared, what were these poor kids supposed to say? This male main character was so unpleasant to receive. Gosh. It was impossible to watch. I was bit scared. But the fact is – 5 ants is more than 4 elephants.

Another ritual that I had the pleasure to experience was the burning of a campfire on Saturday – Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton). As wise people write it today – The modern version of Walpurgis Night is a classic religious syncretism. Well, could not agree more.

When Christianity arrived in Sweden that very night, from April 30 to May 1, witches were to fly on a broomstick to meet the devil. Big fires, songs and noises performed at the same time were supposed to scare the witches away. Today, Valborgsmässoafton in Sweden is a kind of greeting the coming spring and chasing away the darkness of the polar night. So, it is something like burning Marzanna/Morana goddess in Poland in March.

Speaking of witches, it is in that Witch (Häxan) book that the plot moves from time to time to 1672. Among other things, a witch hunt is described. Throw it in the water and if she floats, she is a witch! They were taking them out from the water and the punishment was either a stake burning or prison.

Damn, i have done this test several times in the swimming pool recently and it turns out that i am a witcher! No doubt about it

Last Saturday, few minutes before 8 pm we went uphill to get a better perspective of this whole event. There was a pile of twigs, some gentleman poured something out and the fire was on. I think some women were singing. I could tell it by the movement of their lips and body. We went down and, unfortunately, again i could tell there were sound problems. And the girls’ voices were quite pleasant. I was standing no further than 3 meters and could not hear a single note. Pity.

We walked up closer to the fire. I admired the ritual. Suddenly someone tapped me on my shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an old lady with her hubby. I thought maybe the parents of the Swedes. But no, I do not know that woman. The lady spoke vigorously in her language. From her tone it appeared that she was indignant and had some sort of grudge against me. I waited politely until she was done and i answered, sincerely surprised – I have no idea what you are saying to me. I don’t know Swedish.

She was completely taken aback with my response. She did not see that reaction coming. However, she did not lose her temper. She resolutely and promptly translated her thoughts and behavior into English. It was an insult to majesty. Me, so tall, how could i be standing there, so close to the fire, blocking the view for the others! I was genuinely stunned. But i smiled and replied – it would be enough to say “I’m sorry”. I would let you in, step aside. The lady kept on rambling, but I was not listening to her anymore. I stepped back, giving them space, saying “mind your good manners”. And that was Valborgsmässoafton experience.

Bloody hell! 5 ants are actually more than 4 elephants!