Once our future looked bright
I could barely open my eyes.
Now it’s clear that everything here
Was empty like the atmosphere

I was really looking forward to 2021. 

I hoped we would beat the corona in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

I hoped the government would immunize the society in flying colors. So far so … slow.

Happily, my folks are getting the vaccine this Tuesday! Yay!

Their vaccine + my antibodies = WE CAN MEET AGAIN.

I like that kind of mathematics.

2021 is 2 months old. And atmosphere is not optimistic. I can see the happy days … vaguely. 

More deaths are around me instead.

And i am sick and tired of this pandemic. And i can see that people have enough of that covid-19 too.

Restaurants may be closed. Travelling can be banned. I will manage that. (Not) My government is what bothers me the most. I cannot look or listen to neither our Prime Minister nor Chief of Health Department. I have 3 words for them – go fuck yourself.

I cannot see the logic in what they do. They close this, open that. With no substantive justification. Really, i have to be beware of museums and libraries but i can feel safe in overloaded IKEA?

Thank god they opened museums and theatres earlier this month. Finally! I wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Art and … i saw lines. I wanted to visit Copernicus Science Centre and … sold out. Damn, people must have been really missing art and science. 

So i am sick and tired of the failure of polish authorities. Their inconsistency. Like there is a fog. 

On the other hand, i am surprised with the indulgence of our government. Now they forced us to wear nothing but masks. No scarf, no face shields, no buffs and whatsoever. Only masks are safe. Well, who laughed that masks would not protect us exactly a year ago? 

So, since yesterday we have been masked! And since the outburst of corona virus i have seen like only one patrol on the street. Where is the police, any guards that force people to cover their mouth and nose, to penalize them? Does not our economy need money now?

I only see new taxes we have to pay.

I think Polish society does not care about covid-19. Either they are not afraid or do not believe in pandemic. Or, if they see that our Prime Minister defrosts us step by step, they think it is all better now. I see more and more people not wearing masks.

I went to the Polish seaside two weeks ago. 95% of tourists acted like nothing had happened. Weird! And dangerous.  

I met with 2 friends the other day. After 5 days … they both are sick. I am fine! My antibodies work … still. I do not know for how long. I know i am safe now. However, i have been self-isolating for a week now. I decided to stay home to make sure my germs die. 

So, the atmosphere is not jolly and optimistic. But i am patient. I hope i will get my vaccine this year. I hope we will beat this corona virus. Hope …

Yesterday i read an article about a girl. A singer. I remembered her. She was a part of a crap-teenage-emo duo. They had songs not recorded for me. When they split, one of them released a really nice indie/alternative rock song. What a change– i thought back then. 

I read somewhere that the second gal had moved to Los Angeles where she went on to study at LA College of Music. She also graduated from high school there. And yesterday i read an interview with her. She has just released an album – Subtitles. Well, some songs went straight to my music library. Good job Tola!