A little private fact about me. My mom had a sister in Szczecin. It was long long time ago. We visited my aunt and her family every summertime. Going from east to north-west corner of Poland by Fiat 126p, it was quite a road trip. But it was fun. When we were close to Szczecin and the Baltic Sea there were signs “Ystad”, “Świnoujście-Ystad” or just “ferry to Ystad”. I was very intrigued and preoccupied by those signs and by this name of the town. Ystad sounded so … foreign, so … unique, so … Western Europe. We still had communism back then in Poland. Last years but still – communism. Passport was a luxury. Dunno, subconsciously I yearned to visit Ystad. That was my dream. A small town boy’s dream. And yesterday, we went there! Omg! Dreams DO come true. Be careful what you wish for, ‘cause you just might get it! I totally second that statement! I was amazed by this town. I really thought I would see a dull, grey, seaside, abandoned town. Just the contrary! A pleasant town painted in vivid colors. The architecture stole my heart. Cozy, friendly town. The blue sky was a perfect companion. I definitely come back there during the summer season. I bet Ystad is the throbbing town when there are lots of people