My dear non-Polish friends! Do not believe in everything you see or read in media about my country these days. I demand no bad days anymore.

For the first time i am so ashamed of the president of Poland. Well, maybe not ashamed. I just cannot believe he is actually saying the words he is saying about LGBT.

“(…) the president said that LGBT people are not people but ideology and worse than Bolshevism, now he sends corrections in English. And accuses foreign media of misinformation (…)”

President Andrzej Duda
President Andrzej Duda

I am not surprised he says that. He is just that kind of a man. I just cannot believe that the head of the State, of my country, is talking bollocks around! However, it is commonly known that the president is just a puppet in the hands of a small and petty man, the leader of the Law and Justice party (a ruling party in Poland), named PJK. 


(PJK is a twin brother of our late president who died tragically in 2010 six months before the elections). 

twin brothers
Twin brothers

Andrzej Duda is not my president. He is not the president of majority of aware and open-minded Polish people. Maybe he is the leader of an alternative land called Wolska. That little man, PJK said once about Polska/Poland. It just slipped out of his mouth while singing national anthem. Instead of Polska he said Wolska. And it gained symbolic meaning? Polska/Poland is a normal and tolerant country. Wolska is just an imaginary land the ruling party had created and mistaken it for a real country. They think the people of Wolska do not have their own opinion and they believe in everything that PJK says. So do not believe what pours out of the mouth of our puppet. It does not represent the Polish people.

He is even worse than POTUS. Donald Trump at least has some kind of charisma and when he says something you know he means it. Our dude is just a tool in the hands of the small man, PJK.

Thank god this month, June 28th we are going to vote. Presidential elections were scheduled for May 10th. The ruling party said that due to covid-19 we would have the correspondence voting. Votes send via Polish Post Office? Come on, are you joking? The results would be so obvious. The second presidential term for running president. He would win it in a landslide. Everybody else said that casting votes via post office would be the attack on democracy. 

So you can see, if we had those elections back then, in May, probably our president in office would have won it. Thank you covid-19! Democracy won and we had the voting postponed. Later in May the second biggest party in Poland switched their candidates. Instead of sluggish lady we got the current mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. Today poll results say he will probably win. Or at least the fight would be fierce. 41% in favour of our puppet, 43% will vote for the mayor of Warsaw, 16% not decided! Come on undecided people! Let send our president home!

Lepiej Gdy Będzie Trzaskowski

(Better when there is Trzaskowski)

Today i read that the first lady had created an Instagram account. Seriously? Now? Her spin doctors figured it out just now? In the wake of her hubby’s failure? Or maybe they suggest her do it because her old man is losing? Where have you been for all these 5 years missy? You were always cold and distant. You, a former teacher, even did not support your workmates when they had gone on strike last year. You showed contempt for your countrymen while visiting New York. So now you want to warm up the image of your husband? A little too late. You should start packing as it is my sincere belief your man will lose this year’s elections. Good-bye. Take the easy road into the oblivion. 

First Lady
First Lady

I think good days are coming. I am going to take a long technicolor yawn. No bad days anyomore.