Thanks to the coronavirus i am re-discovering Poland. When i was a kid my folks took us everywhere. Each summer we went to different part of our land. 4 people in a small Fiat. And i loved it.

Now i am doing it as an adult. It started some time ago. I have been to some places south (mountains) and some places north (sea) since 2015. This year those aforementioned places have been invaded by the Poles. That is why i am visiting a little bit neglected by me Lake District. Lots of lakes means not so many people in one place. So far so good. 

In high school it was our a must go place during summer breaks. We had fun. Lots of fun. Lots of booze, cigarettes and this and that. This time much less booze, no cigarettes, much less this and that. But fun is the same. I took my bike with me.

Accidentally my friends came here too. They are 10 miles away. I biked to them and we chillaxed by the barbecue yesterday. Today, few minutes ago, i just came back from the dinner. Yum.

I am in Ukta (pronounce like oocta). My friend has a guesthouse here. And he booked me here for 4 days. And i am so grateful for that. I am enjoying my time. I admire my country. It is not a city buzz. It is everyday life outside big city. I decided to take pics of my country. Bare truth about Poland. 

Poland had 3 partitions – in 1772, 1793 and 1795. After the last time we disappeared from the map for 123 years. South of Poland went to Austria-Hungary, west and north to Prussia (now Germany) and east and east-north to Russia. You can still see the differences in Poland. Architecture-wise. Language-wise. Depends where you go, you can see different concept of buildings and urban development. 

Apart from that, we still have nature. Beautiful forests, lakes, mountains. 

And i got stung by a bee on a day 1. Black and yellow striped mother… Ouch!

This is Poland. Warmia and Masuria.

Enjoy the pics.