The dark side of my face. No, I’m not a huge fan of Pink Floyd. I’m just admiring Copenhagen from a distance and enjoying Malmö at the same time. The weekend gateway was a good idea. I learned something new about two cities in northern Europe. 

Although I did not take lots of pics in Malmö I was having a blast there. So close to Poland (1 hour and 10 minutes flight) but a totally different reality. Life is good.

I have a friend in Malmo and got an invitation there some time ago. Malmo? What the hell do you do in Malmo? – i thought in my mind. But i remembered i liked Stockholm when i went there 5 years ago. So after a while i booked a flight ticket. 

Malmo is nice. Quiet place, spacious, clean. 

Wherever you look you can see The Turning Torso, a neo-futurist residential skyscraper. It holds a privilege of being the tallest building in Scandinavia. As you can imagine the price of the apartments is as high as the Turning Torso. And you even do not have a balcony. And a window can be open for 10 cm only. 

The second significant feature of Malmo is the Oresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark. It is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe (5 miles). 

When you stand on the Swedish shore you can see that endless bridge and the outline of Danish capital city.

So, being in Malmo you can easily visit Copenhagen. It took us like 40 minutes from Oxie (suburbs of Malmo) to the heart of Danish capital city. And you only wear masks while changing trains at the airport. 

Saturday was the last day of The World Pride in Copenhagen. So, we had to dart thru colorful groups of people. Lots of buildings were decorated in rainbow colors. My friend was surprised they had such a big event here, especially when you had had strict covid-19 restriction just recently. And the Danish society is vaccinated in 69% only.

I was fascinated by the city. I was not delighted with prices. Two small beers for 22$ was a hard pill to swallow. I do not even wanna mention the lunch we had. We grabbed 4 traditional Danish sandwiches called smorrebrod (eggs with shrimps, potato with bacon, salmon, hensalad), steak tatar and whisky sour and aperol spritz for drink (just to rinse the mouth). The damage was … 100$.But you only live once. You can allow yourself a little madness every now and then.

The city is beautiful, cozy. The architecture, the colors caught my attention. The streets and sidewalks are rather narrow (opposite to Warsaw’s) hence they forbid electric scooters (yay!). That is why there are lots of bikes everywhere (yay again!).

And of course, i had to see the mermaid of Copenhagen. The symbol of Warsaw is also mermaid. But those two beauties are totally different. Well, our Warsaw mermaid could easily make friends with Danish one.

Sadly, no king and queen of Denmark in the castle. And Carolina Wozniacki was nowhere to be found. Bummer. I had to come back to Copenhagen then!

More pics here!