i finished watching Citizen Kane. It was a good movie. I appreciate the artistry, the novelty, the plot, the performance of the actors. Is it the best movie ever? Dunno. It is hard to compare something from 1941 to, let say, 2017.

When i hear rose or rosebud i think of …

Zrzut ekranu 2020-03-22 11.11.22



Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back


I think this is the one of the best openers ever. Or maybe the best? Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten also has a thrilling opening.

Once upon a time, i could control myself.


World in my eyes i love! And there is a story behind that song. My English was not that good back then. So writing down lyrics just from hearing was not an option.

Strawberry fields forever? Nope, all i heard was “story every ends forever”. Maybe that is why i am not a fan of The Fab 4? Mystery solved 🙂

I do not remember how and why i got translation of the World in My Eyes lyrics. I was happy already. I was halfway there. All i needed was somebody with the knowledge of Shakespeare’s language. And there was a library lady. She just came back from USA so she knew few words. I gave her the piece of paper begging for the translation. She did a great job. Only few mistakes. She said if she knew it was the lyrics of the song, she would have done it better. Well, i was too shy to tell her it was a song i wanted to sing along but i could not as i did not know the words. Now, my English is not any better, but i have google or “find the lyrics” 🙂

When i was in my early teens i loved 4 artists:

– Madonna

– Bon Jovi

– Depeche Mode

– The Cure


Those were the days when it was hard to get new cassettes or LPs. It was not impossible but it was hard. You could not just go to the store and buy any music you wanted because we did not have those kind of stores yet (i remember only one) or the album selection was very narrow. I remember when i bought Madonna’s True Blue vinyl. I was happy like a child.

Back then Polish radio was doing a great job. They played the whole albums of different artists. Those were the days my friends. All you needed was blank cassettes and a stereo. I recorded some albums from the radio, holding antena in my hand to have the best quality of the sound. I did not want any noice or interference.


Thank God after 1989 everything changed. Bye communism. Hello capitalism.

I was a huge Depeche Mode fan. And when i heard Violator i went crazy. That was a twist in their career. Change of direction. New Romantic went into oblivion. It was a definite goodbye to that terrible genre. The band had started their collaboration with Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn before Violator. At least 4 videos from Music for the Masses were directed by him. Black and white. And that mood. Chill, thrill, mystery and curiosity? It was new. It was different.

The best cut from the Violator is


Maybe it is because of New York, or the lyrics, or the car? Dunno. This video has everything. The greatest package there could be. The whole.


I mentioned in other post what my opinion about Enjoy the Silence was.

Today, grounded in my house, like almost everybody in the whole world, i decided to play classic music. Well, not Chopin or Bach. No, not that classic. The only rule of my fun today – music from my CD collection. No iMusic/AppleMusic.

I remember when they asked Anastacia (the singer) if she listened to any classic music. She said yes, she loved classic music like … Abba. Or was it Donna Summer?

So today i am gonna play classic music for me. Depeche Modes Violator was the first and obvious choice. And i even sang Enjoy the Silence with pleasure. There was no „skip the song” option. This album celebrated its 30th anniversary few days ago – 19th March 1990. Wow, times flies! I caught myself singing every song from this masterpiece.

The Cures Disintegration is on now. Oh, 1st May 1989. Even older.

the spiderman is having you for dinner tonight

 That is one of the best concept albums ever. Lovesong is my fav cut from this gem. Even Adele sang it on her smash 21.


Enough of music and good, old times, when corona was just a beer, not a virus.

I had a nightmare again! Those dreams are gonna kill me or make me go insane. In my sleep I got infected on March 19th! We were given the results of the tests. I checked that my workmate was infected March 18th and i met her that day. By my name there was „positive. March 19th”.

But i try to „always look on the bright side of life”. March 19th was my only home office day. I think my consciousness screams for more working-from-home days! Well, we will see what Monday brings. Am i gonna be summoned again to the office with the super important, saving-the-earth mission? Super m to the rescue? Or will they let me protect myself in my crib undisturbed?


And this is the weekend. Not that singer. Just Saturday and Sunday.