i like soups. I can have them everyday. In winter season they are a must!

The base of every soup is a good stock.


4 carrots

2 parsley root (you can use the green part as well. But rinse it thoroughly)

½ celery root

1 leek

3 unpeeled onions

1 hot chili pepper (green or red)

1 lemon grass

5 bay leaves

6 whole allspice berries

1 garlic head

It can be vegtable stock or meat. It is up to you. You can add.

– fish parts – bones, heads, tails

– poultry leftovers – i like duck the best

– all kind of meat with bones – i like sirloin the best

Put meat into the pot

Add vegtables. You can cut them or chop them if you like. My brother-in-law does not cut them at all

Squeeze halves of onions

Smash the garlic head

Pour 3 or 4 liters of water

Do not season the meat or water with salt or pepper

Boil everything on high heat

Uncover the pot and simmer for at least 2 hours (the longer the better)

Remove all the ingredients and drain the stock into a separate pot

They say the vegtables lose all the vitamins and mineral componds after 30 minutes of boiling so i throw them out. Some chop them and use them in the soup. So it is up to you.

The meat can be used in the soup (anyway you want it – in one piece or cut or pulled with fork)

The broth is good for all kind of soups or gravies.