„All the flowers that you planted mama
In the back yard“


I am in a music mood today!

Yesterday was hard. It was dreadful. On Friday, right? On Valentine’s Day!? Who is sad on such a lovely day? The best day of the week. Or second best. Friends are always number 1 F word. Oh oh oh, do not forget about Fuck (PA 18).

Polish is tricky. P could be our the most favourite letter or … the most hated.

Piątek = Friday

Przyjaciele = Friends

Pieprzyć = Fuck

Picie = Drinking

Palenie = Smoking



English is well thought-out! All the nice words starts with one letter. No confussion. No mix and match. Fun, Friday, Friends, oh Fuck. Or you should mix them.

I heard once, but it was long long time ago, that the nicest sounding polish word for foreigners was …CIELĘCINA/veal. Interesting.

Enough about learning. It is THE weekend now. No school. No work.

I am in a singing mood as i have just settled with the polish IRS. Yesterday i thought i would have to pay lots of money. However i was brought to my senses in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

What about my pension scheme? What about my phlebotomy? I am walking tax free persona!

I do not have any bones to pick with IRS now!

They owe me some money now! I can go to Brussels now. My friends texted me last night asking if i wanted to go with them. I replied – no money honey. Expenses, expenses, expenses.

But my friends are so wise – what about your tax refund?

So i am going!


Why did i start my post with that song? Well, i used to hate it back in the 1990. I hated it big time! It was a massive hit. Simultaneously Depeche Mode just released their awesome Violator album. Enjoy the Silence was on the polish chart. It was a battle with Sinead. My beloved band lost the fight.

NC2U spent 7 weeks in the penthouse, EtS only 4. The former spent 51 weeks on the chart (almost a year), the latter – only 22. I hated Nothing Compares 2U so bad.

After the years i found Prince’s song sang by ms o’connor as one of the most beautiful songs ever. And whenever i am about to enjoy the silence i say – hey siri, skip that song.


At 8.40 am, 15th of January 2017 i was tearing my throat off singing (yeah, me singing?)

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days since…

I quit smoking. Today it has been 1140 days! Yay!


Any resemblance?