The life has been upside down lately. A real game change. 

I have been dreaming nice dreams recently. All the nightmares happen when i am awake.

(And it always was the other way around!)

As i have poor memory and dreams are hard to be captured and remembered, i do not recall everything that i “saw” while sleeping. But i know it all has been pleasant lately. Maybe it is all because of the beautiful spring. Everything has bloomed. 

If you want to remember your dreams, the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning, is retell them. 

Do not get distracted! It is a real dream killer.

This week i was teaching my amazingly awesome or awesomely amazing (i do not know which one. Told you, bad memory) friend from California Michael how to ski. It was fun, laugh and definitely it did not end with a great success. I was a lousy instructor. I was explaining everything to him. Thoroughly! I was trying my best and, both me and him, failed. We were very good in laughing and having fun. We had a blast. Michael, somehow, was moving downhill on his skis. Weirdly, he did not have ski poles. Weirdly again, when i was taught skiing i did not have anything grabbing in my hands neither! And now i ski like crazy. I am a new Lindsay Vonn or Mikaela Shiffrin. Hence i see a great future for my dear friend. All he needs is just go to the mountains and ski! You can do it Michael. 

That winter dream was fun. 

Today i woke up checking where i was. New York or Warsaw.

I had a doctor appointment and the other doctor (a very attractive lady doctor. Long, blond hair and long legs. She had the whole package) asked me if i wanted to go to the States. I was like – ’scuse me? What? How?

In the nutshell, the group of doctors was going to New York as a medical corps. Everybody knows that you do not have ask me twice if i want to go to the City. Always! I just made sure if it was all doable. When she said – affirmative!, I replied – hell yeah, let’s go.

My new doctor friend said she had been dreaming about jogging in Central Park for ages. Me too! So we set for morning jogs straightaway. I was really worried about crossing the US border. Will they let us in? During that pandemic era? – that was my thoughts and concerns.

Next thing i remembered was standing in the doorway in Fair Lawn, NJ, totally surprising my dear friend Ula. Did i go to Texas? Hm, maybe in today’s dream …

That New York dream was fun.

As the spring has been here for good for some days i bike a lot. I love the world around me. Green is extremely vivid and so mesmerizing. My eyes are happy. Finally, a change of scenery. Big open spaces, no small telephones and computers screens. I have few miles to reach the marvelous path down the Vistula River. We have a very good bike path system in Warsaw. You can literally go anywhere on your two wheels. I do not use public transport these days, so i bike. And the other day i was heading to the river and all of the sudden an Uber Eats bike driver was going toward me! Straight at me! He was looking at me but did look like he was aware of what he was doing. I braked and almost stopped and he biked his left right in front of me. I avoid a catastrophe by the skin of my teeth. What an asshole! 

What a nightmare!

Yesterday I had to watch Italy vs Turkey. The UEFA 2020 Euro opener. I was in the local bar. To my surprise the Rafa vs Novak game was on. I ordered a beer and enjoyed my evening. At 9 pm the owner ordered to switch the channel. My friend sitting next to me got pissed. He wanted to watch that tennis game. Make a poll – I advised. He asked people around us what kind of game they wanted to watch. Tennis won. My friend asked a barkeep to change the channel for French Open. The owner got angry. My friend told him that people wanted to watch tennis. Make an official poll – I advised again. My friend stood in the middle of the bar garden and shouted – who wants to watch a (soccer) game please raise your hand. To our surprise almost everybody wanted that Italy vs Turkey game! That was a real shocker. A game change. My friend went inside the bar and boycotted the whole game. Of course, cursing all the time on the people who betrayed him.

So I had to watch that soccer game.

What a nightmare!

Everybody knows i am a huge tennis fan. I could be a new Foger Rederer or Nafa Radal. But my stunning career was broken 3 years ago, after my second tennis elbow injury. 6 or 7 years ago it was my left hand. My doctor said it was all because of wrong hand work … at work with the computer. 10 laser sessions did the job. I was ready to hit the keyboard buttons again. And ever since i have been using hand and wrists supports. 

4 years ago i reappeared on the tennis courts. 6 months later my right elbow ached. The pain was not that heavy as on my left hand so i was really optimistic with the treatment. 8 months later, after trying almost every therapy, i was cured. However, my tennis racket was put aside. With broken strings. I made a peace with the fact that I will not play anymore. But, anytime i see tennis courts i stop and stare for a sec. 

I truly detest (in a sport way) Serb Novak Djokovic. Sadly, he has a great chance to be the GOAT. He will steal that title from Roger. You cannot fool your age. Roger is almost 40, so is Serena. And Novak is very close to some Roger’s and Rafa’s records and still have some time to surpass the Swiss Gentleman and Spanish Clay King.

Yesterday Rafa lost to Djoko in the 2021 French Open semis. What a nightmare!