Grammy’s were held a week ago. I do not wanna talk about Billie Eilish’s music. Is it music? Is it talent? Is it awesome? She won. She broke few records.

Eilish became just the second artist in Grammy history—and the first woman—to take home the Big Four awards: album, record and song of the year plus best new artist. The first artist to do this was Christopher Cross 39 years ago.

Eilish, 18, is the youngest album of the year winner in Grammy history, easily topping Taylor Swift, who was 20 when she won a decade ago for Fearless. She’s also the youngest record of the year winner in Grammy history. That distinction was formerly shared by Kimbra and Sam Smith. Both were 22 when they won.

I noticed her almost 3 years ago when she released her dont smile at me EP. Some of her songs are still on my „my music” playlist. I listened to her debut album and must say that …

It has not been recorded for me. I do not understand her message on that album. Although i liked 2 songs.

And she gave an amazing performance of her smash hit bad guy on SNL.

Well, the official video is worth watching as well.

When we fall asleep, where do we go? I love the titile. I love the question. I would love to know the answer. It is really a topic for a post on my blog. Or a philosophical dissertation.

Think about it – where do you go when you fall asleep? A thinker, right?

I’m not discussing whether she deserved those awards or not.

I wanna mention Lizzo. There was a buzz before the big night. Who will win? A talented youngster or musically well-educated Lizzo?

On polish radio there is a dj who plays Lizzo frequently. She is delighted by the album, by the artist, by the songs. Well, i am not. It is not music! I really do not understand the phenomenon. Lizzo’s Truth Hurts topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for record-tying 7 weeks. As a (debut) single for a rap female artist. I tried few times to listen to that … song. No! It is not music.

My aforementioned radio dj plays Lizzo’s Juice song quite often. Well, it sounds like a song at least.

And by the way, how can you be nominated as a Best New Artist when you released your debut album in … 2013?

Oh, Black Panters and Maggie Rogers were nominated too. Wow!

Ok. Let’s skip Grammy’s. Brits are comming soon. I hope Lewis Capaldi will win something.


Have i told you lately that i love music?

It is everywhere, all the time. Even when the music is not playing i can hear it in my head. Interesting. Why i cannot hear voices? Just music? Am i not psychopat?

Music makes the people come together – sang the Queen of Pop 20 years ago. Jesus, 20 years ago!!!???


I sorted my music in 3 categories: the shortest songs, the longest songs, songs with the same title (or similar, or using the same word).

Long time ago i heard that somebody analysed all the titles of the songs. It appeared that the most used words were:





Ha! What about the “the” and “a/an”?

Ok, so i am skipping “you” and other pronouns and prepositions. Too common.

LOVE is the winner!

What about the shortests and the longest?

Zrzut ekranu 2020-02-02 12.14.40

Well. I am the hugest Marillion fan! I have every of their studio albums. I have seen them like 10 times live. I stopped buying physical CD after David Bowie’s Next Day in 2013. I make the exceptions for Marillion and Tom Waits. I know that for someone Marillion’s music is the same as Lizzo’s music for me. It is not music. But i love them. I have pics with band members. What can i say? A music freak is a music freak.

What else can i say about my list?

Archive. I heard that someone said about them this – Archive begins where Pink Floyd has ended. And i agree. Although i am not a fan of Pink Floyd.

Archive’s music is at least… eclectic. Their every album differs from each another.

Rappers Delight? Hymn or the beginning of hip hop.

“I said a hip hop
Hippie to the hippie
The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it out
Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie”

Coma’s song is another example of my love to prog rock music.

My Favourite Things? I heard it just a month ago for the first time. Aforementioned radio dj played this song as her first-played song of 2020.

Maroon 5? I love this song. 3 minutes of singing. 8 and a half minutes of jam session! Yay!

Tool? Hmmm, it is a grower. I did not like the song at the beginning. I remember TOOL playing live in Warsaw in 2000. Jesus, it was hot! Love, sweat, not tears. I loved the show, i loved the band. So after years of waiting, we the fans got their new album in 2019. Nice. Thank you guys.

Eagles. Well, well, well. I love America, American culture, American people. If i have to mention significant American music, i will go with:

  • american pie (tomorrow is the day the music died)
  • tom waits
  • hotel california
  • fleetwood mac? i know they are said to be more british than american
  • grunge

I am not a fan of the Eagles but Long Road Out of Eden stuck to me. And Hotel California is only 6:30. Bummer!


Zrzut ekranu 2020-02-02 22.39.53

Come on! I love you beta