I love Nicki Minaj. What can i say? I quit smoking and church too. I cannot be that perfect. I must have at least one flaw.

Nicki is cool, so chillaxed and chillaxing, has nice beats, cool flow and raps quite nice. Oh and she raps so fast. Respect.


And respect for Adele!

Nicki reminds me of the City. I kinda miss this place.

Today was my squash debut.


My „girls” went skiing with their wives, so no every-wednesday badminton session this wednesday. I wanted some weekly activity so i persuaded Rafał to play either badminton or squash with me. He is a real squash master. I am an amateur. I even told him that if he did not want to, he did not have to agree on a game with me. I would understand. The master will waste an hour playing with me. But, surprisingly, he (mercifully) said YES. Yikes! We started at 8 am.

I only had one goal – to score at least one point in each set.

I lost the first two sets to 5 and to 7. I think the third to 6. Not so bad – i told myslef proudly.

But in the next? !!? I beat the champion 11-9. Yikes! The last point was unbelievable. I sent my champion on the floor! Eh, me and my tricky shots i had learnt from tennis.


Rafał was mumbling something:

– you have played before!

– No, I have not.

– you have! You have squash shots

– no, I am holding the racquet for the first time. I see no reason why I should lie


Funnily, when i played tennis with my sensei Nafa Radal, he asked me if i had ever played squash as i had had some squash shots. What an irony! I am awesome in every racquet sport!


We continued the battle. I lost up to 7, up to 6, up to 5. In two sets it was close. I lost by the skin of my teeth – 12-10 and 13-11. Damn! And from this moment my friend went on a higher level of the game. It was the last set. He wanted to show me my place. I saw a spark in Rafał’s eyes. It was obvious that he wanted a love game. And i knew he knew it was THAT set. THAT moment. He was so close to achieve it. I was helpless returning his serves. I was losing point by point. Finally! My moment came. 7-1!! Yikes. I luckily scored my first point in this set.

– man creates a plan, puts it into a motion and one fluke destroys it – Rafał summarized my winning point

– I saw that you were focused and you wanted to destroy me no matter what.

What i think about squash? For the whole hour i could not get used to how the ball was bouncing. Well, it bounces unlike tennis ball.

Well, squash is not my favorite racquet sport. Definitely it is better than table tennis. In a week I will test my friend’s badminton skills. I will take a revenge. But no way I will beat him to zero. There is always a service mistake. ALWAYS. However i will try my best to achieve 11-0 score. We will see. Althought Revenge is not my middle name. Irony is.

The only thing that surprised me was that i made about 5,000 steps during the game. I make about 1,500 – 3,000 steps in a tennis and badminton. An interesting remark.

Oh. I am so ashamed. I did not give up playing Rafał. Today he celebrates his 30th birthday. A year older than me he is. Well. I did not give him a present. I fought instead. I destroyed his holiday. Yikes!