I do not know why, but i do clean my apartment before i go for my holiday. This time it is Greece. Today Mykonos Island.

I think i like go back home to the clean apartment. What a drag (entering your flat tired after the long trip) it is to say – oh no, all i have to do now is grab a broom and sweep. And do not forget to mop the floor afterwards. That is why i bought iRobot few months ago. 

My friend called me last month asking – hi Maciej, would you like to go somewhere for a week between 12th and 18th of July?

You do not have to ask me twice. My only condition was – no beaching and/or lying by the pool the whole day. 

My friend nodded to that. I did not have any particular destination in my mind. I relied on him saying – pick any place. Malta maybe?

Santorini he picked. Greece. Nice as i have never been there. Officially it is Thira, but in Poland we use the former name. 

My beloved friends of almost 30 years warned me – you will burn there! And i was like – oh no. They are right!

We have had nothing but heat waves since a month or so in Poland! And i have not been enjoying them at all. However, when you are vacationing, you enjoy the weather totally differently. 

Today is the day. Can somebody explain me one thing? It happened to me again. I wanted to excuse myself to go to the lavatory. I was in the middle seat. The girl at the isle had been sleeping but i took the opportunity when i noticed she opened her eye. Excuse me – i said politely. My neighbour looked at me and … curled her legs showing me the narrow space. I understood perfectly what she meant by that. She was not going to stand up and let me out. It has happened to me few times before. People! I am not a small guy. It is really better if you clear the way to the fullest Stand up and let me go.

But maybe i have missed something? Maybe it is a new rule i am not familiar with? Jumping over the other passengers is the new thing these days on the planes? 

I smiled to the girl (damn! She did not notice that. We were masked) and excused – sorry i am doing it ass to face. She did not mind.

When i was trying to get thru her i pretended to be clumsy.

Sorry – i said again, stepping on her feet and grabbing her headrest close to her head.

First time, that happened to me, i was gasped with surprised as the passenger next to me said brazenly – i am not gonna stand up and let you go. I was super clumsy then. I remember i landed on his laps and belly. But he was a real asshole. Ezel a Dutch would say. He totally deserved it.

Today we flew to Mykonos. And it is … divine! I am stunned by the view. Everything is white and the sky is insanely blue.

And yes, i think i will burn here. I move slowly. I have already learnt that the best part of the city is a waterfront. What a nice breeze! I am alive! And the color of the water? Oh my god. Can i stay here forever? 

“Heaven … i’m in heaven

And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek …”

Mykonos baby!