… not borrowed. I hope it is given. A gift.

No, i am not getting married.

Today is the day my apartment got pimped. I got something new, but old at the same time. And most importantly, i hope it is not borrowed.

Was it the beginning of this year or the end of previous one when i visited my friend Rafal in his office? I was charmed immediately. The office is in the city center in old tenement house. When i walked thru the street gate i thought i entered another dimension. A whole new but old world.

We sat in the conference room at the table. We were chatting and drinking coffee. I could not take my eyes off of the table we were sitting at.

stol 1

  • Dude, this table is gorgeous. Any chance you want to get rid of it? – i asked in disbelief
  • You want it? Let me see what i can do for you – answered my new best friend

I met Rafal not that long ago and still do not know if he is serious or joking. This time he was not for real or he must have lost his senses. Who would like to give such a pretty furniture away?! But i was determined so i decided to play that game:

  • Ok, so when can i take it then?
  • Give me some time – my friend answered with a poker face

I bet he was mummering Lady Gaga’s 2008 smash hit!

Can’t read my, can’t read my
No, he can’t read my poker face

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (mum-mum-mum-mah)
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (mum-mum-mum-mah)

I gave up.

We are going to downsize our office. So, probably there will not be enough space for that table – my friend continued.


I will take it! – i decided to make hay while the sun shines and seal the deal.

The next weeks or couple of months we tried to set a date of the transfer. There was never a time. Then covid-19 happened.

It is the end of May and i decided to be firm. I found a bigger car today. In the garage i found out that the battery had gone down. Damn. Everything was against me. Rafal called earlier and said he had been super busy so he could find only 30 minutes window. Oh my!

I doubted. I did not believe this would happen. That table apparently did not want to come to me.

But there is one thing you should know – i was born on Sunday! The sun shone and against all odds i could enjoy a cup of coffee at my new, but old, and hope not borrowed table. Now i can write post after post. I am a new Ernest Hemingway. Even my pengiun is happy.

This new beauty is huge, giant, gargantuan … i can go on and on with adjectives. My flat is way too small for that precious gem. I rearrange the furniture and sofa and think it is the best for now. All i need is to get rid of old, small, petite, IKEA, table. And i think it is time to let my out of proportion drawer dresser go.

Should I leave that plant on my new, old, not borrowed table? Or is it a from “no-no”?

stol 4