I have just concluded that fact. We are starting our trip to Albania. From Malmo airport. A tiny port, three shops. And today it turned out that you can’t even buy beer. Although calling it beer is a big abuse, because in stores they sell alcohol only up to 3.5%. If you want stronger, you go to a state-owned liquor store.

The heat came to Sweden and I was doing my errands all weekend in my shorts. And while dressing up for the plane I thought that I need to put my jeans on. I have never flown in shorts.

During the plague, in the summer of 2021, when I landed at Okęcie, returning from Santorini, it was my 100th flight. Is that a lot? Or not? I do not know. I wonder if I have already had a “to the moon (and back)” trip. Today I calculated that it would probably be the 150th air journey. Or maybe more than 150?

I always wonder how people can fly in shorts and flip flops? I always see some germs waiting for me. Lots of germs. After this pandemic, I somehow became more sensitive to cleanliness, especially on the plane. I lift the toilet lid with my foot. I will not touch it with my bare hands!

Well, let’s go. I am curious about Albania, that is why I took my laptop to scrape posts on my blog. 80,000 leks bought.

The social event of the year took place yesterday! The Swedes are crazy about Eurovision Song Contest. However yesterday was special – their participant has a good chance of winning … again. At the event we had representatives from: Sweden, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Scotland/UK. We also had the Norwegian flag, but a friend had a family party, and they could not attend.

Of course, the biggest noise was when Sweden, Finland and … Poland performed. I presented my friends our polish proud hit “bejba“! The party was going great. The songs were rather uninspiring. The Finnish hit was actually not written for me. But Blanka did very well! Feet to the ground, 23 years old, lips done, everything was firm and out there. Well, just our polish “babe”.

After the announcement of the results, there was a wild noise and frenzy. It sounded like slaughtered prey. The guests dispersed and the five of us stayed – Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Germany. And it began! Screaming at the top of your lungs, i.e. singing. Imitating Loreen’s performance – me and Irena went under the table and started writhing like a Swedish laureate.

Today I checked that by the decision of only viewers from around the world, our Blanka would be 8th!

We all agreed that next year we are going to Stockholm, for Eurovision Song Contest 2024. We will go by car, then I will be able to wear shorts!

ju hu hu