i’m all alone and I need you now

I love this song. When country meets pop. It was 2010? Yep. I was rooting for that song. It „only“ reached number 2 in USA. Wow, now i have just checked – 60 weeks in top 100. Well done. Rihanna’s Rude Boy and some other crap named Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart prevented them from the pinnacle. Damn.

I remember 5 things about that video – blonde babe, blonde babe, blonde babe, hotel room and … blackberry. I was a proud owner of 3 blackberries in my life, thank you very much. I liked those phones. Oh no, i remember 6 things about the video.

A piece of the lyrics:

it’s a quarter after one I’m all alone and I need you now.

Lady Antebellum is from Nashville. What a coincidence. I was in Nashville last October. And i liked it. Hilary Scott is her name.

Yes, this post is part of my project – a journal of coronavirus on planet Earth. I do not wanna be apocalyptic, cerebral or dystopian.

I want to make life lighter, happier, easier these days. We will survive. Well, they say most of us will. Yikes!

So i am not going straight to the point in my post. Suck Foronavirus. Hashtag spoonerism. Let us be lighthearted for a moment.

Today we have started home office – 50/50 partition. My workmate works from home, i am in the office. After 2 weeks we switch. I really thought it would be a long and boring day. But it was just the opposite – super quick and quite interesting.

I visited my two offices. Main office was invaded by me twice. In the morning and by the end of my shift. I like this place for one reason only – the view from the terrace.

It was a quick errand, i did what i had to do there and went to my regular office. The regular office has a nice street level view – the city centre.


Yesterday i packed my backpack. A logic pictures – check! A book – check! I really thought i would have nothing to do there. I was aromoured with amusement slash entertainment. And you would never believe what happened! I had no time to even think about taking my goodies out from my bag. That busy i was.

During the day my workmate from other city called me and we chit-chatted a bit. He said he was thinking about connecting his phone to the monitor and play some HBO. But he failed too.

Well, well, well, that bloody coronavirus cannot let us have fun in the office! Cuck Forona big time!

After my work i logged in to Polish TV VOD and i found … television theatre plays. Wow. I remember when i had a tv – every monday they played it after 8 pm on Channel 1. I hated those shows. Who watches theatre plays? It is extremely dull! – i was saying back then. But today? I was really enjoying it. I played Cena by Łysiak. The book had been awesome that was why i picked that show today. Cena in polish is price. Cena in italian is supper/dinner. And the book/play was about the discussion over the dinner about the price of a man’s life.

And that was Monday! See you on Tuesday.