Is Trump sabotaging votes counting? Is he calling 911? I think so. He says if he loses, he will order/demand re-counting the votes. Come one dude! Be a man, learn to lose with dignity. And learn what dignity is.

I am laughing now. But those are bitter tears. Not long ago all the polls indicated Joseph Biden as a new president. On Monday i heard that Trump had only 1 chance out of 10 to win. And today? The battle is fierce! 253 vs 214. If Biden wins Arizona and Nevada (he has a narrow lead there) the game is over for running POTUS. Although Trump is ahead of his rival in Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15) and Georgia (16). And oh, will the people of Pennsylvania turn their back on their own guy? Biden was born in Scranton, PA.

Oh, Alaska has just finished counting. It is 253 vs 217 now.

Well, anything could happen. Trump’s lead in forementioned states is also narrow. It is going to be interesting to watch the final result. I hope Kamala Harris will be a vice president. I like her.

4 years ago i witnessed elections in USA. I was in South Carolina (day before and day after) and Georgia (the election day). I talked to lots of people about how they felt about this campaign and voting. Their opinions were divided. Although one guy said “no way a woman is gonna be a president. After a black guy we want a white guy”.

I read some facts about Joseph Robinette Biden jr. And i must say he has been thru a lot. His first wife and one-year-old daughter were killed in a car crash. Two of his sons were not injured heavily. And in 2015 (i hope i remember the year well) one of his son died. And a future president himself (i am keeping my fingers crossed) had a brain surgery. 

Let’s wait and see what will happen in America. 

Someone call 911 because i stole!

In my Sadyba Best Mall there are some permanent and temporary stands on the concourse level. I like three the most. One of them provides us with cold cut and sausages from Eastern Poland (Podlasie). I only go there and eat with my eyes. As i do not eat meat on a regular basis i never buy there. Although last week i snapped! Steamed bacon and a smoked sausage called me. So i had to buy some. And it was good. It was yummy. 

On the back of that meat stand there is, as i call it, a fish galore. Smoked fish, baked fish, raw fish, fish pate, catfish “ham”. You name it. And everything is so freaking expensive. Why, I ask. Why does it have to be so expensive? Once i bought that catfish “ham”. Oh my, oh my. Last week i decided to buy smoked tuna and marlin “sirloin”. I used my apple pay with a scowl on my face. Expensive! I noticed that my fish stand is shared with a bread store. I picked one loaf (wholemeal with pumpkin seeds and linseed) and used my apple pay. 

Someone call 911! I can see that my credit card was charged for that bread immediately. However i have not seen a trace of my fish grocery on my credit card statement yet. And it has been like a week or so. I stole! I wanted to go back there and explain and pay but the stand was gone. I am Maciej, I steal food. Last February I stole from a local grocery store. I bought Guinness from Ladybug convenient store. I mean I stole 3 beers. Shame on me. Am I busted yet?

Someone call 911 because there was a murder in my neighbourhood!

Two giant worms glued together and one super giant worm were killed at the entrance of an apartment building!

People, people, people! Why? I ask why? Why did you kill those worms? Everybody knows they are a very good bait for fishing. You dig for worm, put them in the perforated-lid jar and go the river, lake or sea. To catch some fish. You do not kill them. 

And someone did call 911. They marked the bodies of those poor worms. But who stole “do not cross” police lines?