I still remember Kathy Bates in her outstanding performance in Misery. Best Actress in 1991! Absolutely deserved! Fairly earned! Well done!

The second awarded performance i still remember is Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

As far as movies are concerned? I rememebr The Silence of the Lambs … vividly.

The only movie i saw in the theatre twice was Fargo (but it lost to English Patient. By the way who saw that movie? Or Shakespeare’s in Love?).

The only movie i saw three times is the 2018 version of A Star is Born. But they lost to the one and only Green Book (beautiful movie imho). Sadly it was a tough competition last year. Sorry Ga-ga-ga-ooh-la-la.


Last month i went to see a play called Misery. No no no! I still remeber the movie. I am still scared of Kathy Bates. I have shivers down my spine when i imagine her in that vest, with that smile. With the hammer.

The actress that portrayed Annie Wilkes in the play was tiny. When she said to Paul Sheldon that she had pulled him out of the car through the broken window i was like – Yeah, right! How?. Sadly her acting was very … flat, one-dimensioned. She was not convinving at all. But, like i mentioned before, Kathy Bates had risen the bar high.

And the Oscar did not go to …

Joanna Kulig for Cold War. Last year i was really looking forward to some surprisingness. Her performance was mesmerizing. I saw Cold War twice (but only once in the theatre, so it does not count to be mentioned before). She was fresh, she was so girly, she was so sexy, she was so Polish! She overshadowed the main male character. Was he even in that movie with her? Do not recall him. Sadly Joanna was not even nominated for the award. How sad. The story in the movie is simple. Nothing special. However Joanna was the star in it.

And the Oscar did not even go to …

Ra ra-ah-ah-ah
Roma, roma-ma
Oh la-la

Lady Gaga! She should give up singing for acting. Tiny woman with a great talent! And who the hell is Olivia Colman? And what kind of movie is The Favourite? Oh, i have just checked it on wiki. Emma Stone was in that. It is a period black comedy. Oh my. Sorry Lady Gaga.


My friend Michael is so into every kind of galas, shows or awards, you name it. He said he had to watch every movie nominated for the Best Picture. Well, loco! That was my reaction. What does his doctor say?

However i was intrigued. I like people with … passion (to put it mildly).

I have been spending some time recently watching movies.

Bombshell – i saw a poster. My favourite Charlize Theron as the Best Actress? Margot Robbie as the Best Supporting Actress? Ok. The movie is nothing special. American pie. I do not think i will remember it. The best performance was John Lithgow’s. I did not see anything special about Charlize’s and Margot’s acting.

The Irishman. Well. What can i say? I love Martin Scorsese‘s gangster movies. I love Robert De Niro. The running time did not scare me away. I divided 209 minutes into 3 movie sessions. Some say it was hard to watch young De Niro (who was old) kicking another thug. Barely catching his breath. He was made to look younger in the movie as it was a reminiscing scene from the past but in fact he was looking old. Well, i did not mind that. I enyoyed every minute of this movie.

Ford vs Ferrari – very dull, predictable. Turned it off after an hour. I really do not care if they succeeded or not. Did Ford build a better car than Ferrari’s? Did he win the race. I do not care.

I thought JoJo Rabbit would be funny. But after 30 minutes i knew it would not be. I think the joke about young boy loving Hitler is not funny. Hiltler Youth formation is not the same as Scouting. I do not see anything amusing in that. And i read that Scarlett Johansson was in there? Interesting.

Joker. First time i tried to watch it i gave up after an hour. I was at my friends’. We stated simultaneously – what is this movie about? Nothing happens here!

I gave it a second try. This time i watched the whole story. The movie is ok. Maybe Joaquin Phoenix deserves the award for the Best Actor. If he wins, i will be ok. However i like somebody else’s performance better. The movie is not as scary, as depressing as the critics were saying. I could easily have left the theater, if i was in it.

1917. I saw it a bit longer than Jojo Rabbit. The movie is just … unreal and not interesting. Nothing was convincing. Two boys running on the military sector of the Western Front. An Unbelievable Adventures of Two Brave Boys – that would be a better title.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I love Quentin Tarantino however i think this movie is not as great as his previous 8. My friend, after 90 minutes, said – there is no Tarantino in Tarantino. He was right. The movie was too long and it had only several good scenes (Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt visiting the ranch and the last scene. To name a few).

I have not seen Little Women and Parasite. But i will. I would like to. It may be hard to watch the Korean black comedy thriller film but i promise i will give my best. Who remembers The Ring? The American version was scary. However they played the Japanese version in the Polish movies. It was really hard not to laugh when they were speaking their language. Not so scary and serious at all. I wonder how Polish language sounds for Asians?

Little Women is another (7th?) film adaptation of the 1868 novel of Louisa May Alcott. I only remember Winona Ryder from the 1994 movie poster. And as a huge Friends fan i know that Beth dies. There was an episode when Rachel and Joey were talking about their favourite books. Joey gave Rachel The Shining and she gave him Little Women. Goofy Joey revelead some facts about the horror book. So Rachel got her revenge saying that Beth dies. It makes Joey sad. That is all i know about that movie/book.

Zrzut ekranu 2020-02-04 19.59.07

Last but not least! Marriage Story. I love everything about that movie. The first scene when the male character was talking about his wife i thought – wow! He loves his wife so much! The second scene when the wife was talking about her husband i was like – wow! She does not love him anymore but she still respects him as a human being. Later we all find out that it is the end of their marriage. The whole movie is a beautiful life story. Although it was a drama movie i find it really … amusing and nice to watch. I praise the Noah Baumbach‘s screenplay and direction, as well as the relatability, score, and the performances of Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver and Laura Dern. The latter was unbeatable in Big Little Lies tv series. The Marriage Story also shows the lifestyle/reality of the East Coast and the West Coast .

Johansson, Dern and Driver, they all should win their awards. Period!