Second September Sunday means OncoRun. Today 14th edition was being held all over the world. 

a year ago it was like this: read it!

I was privileged and honoured to take part in this event. While running my laps I overtook a gentlemen with the polish flag few times. After the run I approached this man and had a little, but very nice, conversation. This is Andrzej, 79 (he let me call him by name and post this pic). When he won his battle with cancer he decided to run in charity events. He knows OncoRun. When he was ill, he saw us running around the Oncology Center in Warsaw. Apparently we ran for him back then. I hope I’m gonna be so fit and eager to run when I’m 79! Andrzej is a true role model! 

Kamil (the man behind OncoRun), sorry about not being on the first picture in this post. But you know I love you and admire your work! You make this world a better place. 

Last but not least, thanks Ula and Patryk for participating and representing The Lone Star State! I hope you had fun and would be running with us again and again and again and … 
BTW, do you know that the biggest oncology center is in Texas? Of course you know that. Everything is the biggest in Texas. Even your hearts! Xoxoxoxo

Just for the record, I did 25 laps (450 meters each) in 60 minutes (11,25 km/7 miles). I was barely alive but happy! I think my pace was too fast. Well, next year I will do better. 

See you again on the second Sunday of September 2022!