I started this post in the middle of July … And i did not finish it then.

I love Greece more and more. People are super nice, food is divine. I have got my taste back here. No, not because of covid. I can feel the real taste of vegetables again. Like at my granny’s back in the early 80s. She had a little farm. I remember eating carrots taken out straight from the field. Dusting off the ground and eat. Healthy. All the vitamins and minerals went straight inside my body. Now? Whatever i buy from the market barely has a taste. And you have to wash them thoroughly, just in case.

So i am in heaven, food-wise.

All those views i see make me be like in heaven … even more. Can you be in heaven more?

Greek people are super friendly. They are always helpful. That is why you have sun almost 365 days a year. In Poland, it is less. So much less.

Thank God mathematics and physics were my major in high school so i had to know Greek letters. Hence i can decipher the signs, directions and names of the towns/cities/places. It comes in handy.

In all the triangles angles were named: alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ). And when in algebra we had quadratic equations, we had to know delta (Δ). 

In physics we had phi (φ), lambda (λ) and so on.

And as Poland is a catholic country, we know that the beginning is alpha and the end is omega (Ω).

So you see i am ready to discover Greece. It is not so Greek to me after all.

Now, in August, i decided to finish it.

I loved Santorini. I would like to go back there soon. Maybe this fall? Who knows? Who knows what will happen in this crazy time?

The island is just perfect size. I met a guy from Boston who walked this place back and forth. If you are lazier, you can take a bus. Everything comes and go from Fira.

North has a beautiful coastline. Our hotel was located on the top of the island so we had a stunning view.

The island ends with small and breathtaking town called Oia. 

South has beaches – black, red and white. 

Ancient Thera is a mountain with small ruins. You can admire the whole southern island. The black beach looks like a parking lot.

I was afraid of the weather. I thought i would burn there. To my surprised it was very enjoyable. We had sea breeze. In Mykonos the wind was very strong at the waterfront. Santorini, however, is a volcanic island so we were higher than the sea level. Maybe that was why i could stand the heat.

I cannot wait my second visit there!