Karma police
Arrest this man
He talks in maths
He buzzes like a fridge
He’s like a detuned radio


I have ghost(s) in my apt! Damn. I knew i would die of a heart attack. But so far, i have been so heartless or my heart is made of stone.

Few years ago i wrote on my polish blog that somebody had wanted to steal me. It was wee after the ghost hour. I was sleeping like a baby, waiting for Monday. When i heard someone trying to unlock my door from the other side, i jumped out of my bed right away. Thankfully no ghosts, no thieves. Just my neighbours’ friend confused my  door with theirs some-as-mine-colored door. Phew!

Every now and then ghost(s) is/are trying to have fun in my kitchen. But why at nights? When i am calm, when i am quiet, when i am trying to fall sleep counting sheep or when i am freshly fallen asleep. Then it starts – something slides on the dish dryer. A hot pot getting cold – it somehow has to notify me about that fact making some unusual and unexpected sound. Do not even get me started on pipes!

Last night was the worst! I heard buzzing! I was slightly unconscious. It took me few seconds to locate where the sound was from. Bathroom! I rushed there thinking „what the hell is that noice?!”

oh, toothbrush! – i guessed when turning the light on.

I really thought that someone was trying to break in thru my bathroom. However it could be impossible so my second guess was …

Ghost brushing its teeth!

How stupid was i thinking that, right? But it was late, i was violently awakened, i did not think (wisely).

I turned off the brush and went back to sleep.

Brrrrrrrrrr bzzzzzzz!


This time i was pretty sure that somebody was in my bathroom and was playing with me. Sick ghost!

After third time i relocated my tooth brush from bathroom sink to my night stand slash bedside mirrored table. It was even worse. The mirror intensified that awful sound, adding vibration. It was next to my head so it was super annoying. No pleasant falling asleep environment.

The toothbrush ended up on my soft carpet. I slept like a baby.

This morning i was awake by my ghost again.

I think i need to buy a new toothbrush. The start/stop button is pushed bit inside so it touches the sensor. That is why it goes on all the time. The toothbrush does not have any screws so i do not know how to open it and look inside. (sad face)


What saddens me the most is the fact that series law still works. Since last june i have been having unexpected expenses. When i think it is all behind me, the sun is shinning again, a new catastrophe appears and the next one is already lurking on the horizon.

I bought my toothbrush 4 years ago as a gift from my relatives (sister and aunt). It was expensive (comparing to other toothbrushes). Price started from 100$. And sky was the limit. I picked White Diamond model somewhere in between. Well, maybe it was not that expensive but i’d rather had that money on my „holiday spending funding trust” than not having it at all.

Luckily the prices have gone down and now start from 35$. Phew!

But i so wanted to buy a new bike this month. Well, i have bought it already. I just need to pay for it.

And my gift-trip to Italy with my godson (for his 18th birthday) …


Oh my. Oh my. Come on lottery!



For a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself
Phew, for a minute there
I lost myself, I lost myself