Where are the visionaries?

Say something

Justin Timberlake is back. When he went solo and released his first solo debut album (in 2002) i said – he is gonna be the next Michael Jackson.

Now i say he is no second or next. He is himself. He is the brand. I (only) like some of his work but i appreciate his professionalism, talent and hard work.

This time he duets with Chris Stapleton. I like this long-bearded guy with a hat, his voice, his music. I have every studio album by Mr. Stapleton. Parachute was my song of 2016. Both artists have one in common – moderation.

Sometimes the greatest way to say something is to say nothing at all

Chris is country, Justin is pop. Interesting mixture. Who decides about music genres? Why is it country if i cannot hear country. I hear great music, passion and craftmanship.

Recently i have been browsing new music. I listened to some unknown to me acts. Alternative they described their music. I am old fashioned. If i hear alternative, i think Radiohead, Nirvana or R.E.M. Let’s not forget about Jeff Buckley. He recorded only one album and went (fatally) swimming. Whenever i listen to his Grace album i have tears in my eyes. A great loss.

Now all i can hear is disco-esque beats. Is it new alternative? I choose different.

For me music has only two genres – music i like and music i do not like. I am lost and confused whether it is country, pop or disco. I do not need boundaries. I do not have to and do not want to disqualify music just by its genre. If i like music, i do not mind the artist or the genre.

This world is totally fugazzi