watching birds and clouds go by, i think of you

I like my neighbourhood Sadyba. It is green, it has a lake, lots of parks and cozy, narrow streets. Everyday i walk through my housing estate and there is always something new or surprising. When it is dark i just follow the gas lamp trail. When it is sunny i take a tour around the lake. There are always endless possibilities. 

Tonight, i just did a little loop. All of the sudden i saw a white … thing. I could not believe my eyes. Taking a pic was a great proof of what i had seen. 

Hats off to my local authorities! Eventually they learnt our needs. They DO listen. Now, if i go for a stroll and all of the sudden i feel the urge for a pee or taking a dump, i do not need to rush home or look for the bushes! This white toilet seat is a god-sent! I can have a seat now. I can use that toilet seat. It is always fresh, no odours. It cleans itself when it is raining. And it is eco and bio at the same time. I do not need a toilet paper anymore. I can pick a leaf from a bush or a tree. And when i am done, i can fertilize the soil around this toilet seat with that used leaf. Good job local authorities! So what i could be seen. Or some could find it obscene. We all do it. Let us not be prudish. We all are humans and nothing human should be alien to us.

What is next? Street showers on the corners? Sex beds on school yard? That would be so convenient. I am looking forward to those new, brave initiatives. Yay!

Are we human?
Or are we dancer?