Easter time. Time for losing some pounds. My cousin who does not eat meat came to us with this salad. And salad was good! As a matter of fact my cousin does not eat anything that:

  • breathed
  • had eyes
  • had legs
  • had life
  • had this and that

She even does not eat eggs. Ok, her choice.

Halloumi – the cheese that grills! I am in love with that product. Asked for that cheese in Farmer’s Market, Shop Rite, Gourmanoff. Finally found it in Fairway Market.

Another interesting ingredient is Costa Rican watermelon. My cousin used that particular one. And it was both: sweet and salty. Unfortunately i did not have time for searching so i used a regular watermelon.


200g of halloumi cheese

1 package of green – i used mix of different lettuces. But it can a bit of baby spinach, a bit of arugula. It is really up to you

1 ripe avocado

1/8 of medium-sized watermelon

3 handfuls of cherry tomatoes – i used red and yellow (half/half). Cut them in half

black ground pepper



oil or olive oil


1 slice the cheese (quarter inch thick) and grill it for two minutes. Let it cool, it will harden. Cut into pieces you want. You can do it with your fingers if you like.

2 place lettuces into a bowl

3 add: halves of tomatoes, avocado (i use my fingers to crush it), cheese, watermelon cut in cubes

4 season it with: pepper, oil, balsamico and a little bit of salt (cheese is salty itself)