fear of the dark?

Nope. Not at all. Although you would never see me in the forest after dark. Not because it would be hard to see me. It is because i would be scared to go in there.

I feared old, small elevators in old, tall bulidings. I thought it would break the roof and shoot me up in the air. Wide open spaces do not make me comfortable at all. What is interesting – falling down was never frightening.

I am afraid of snakes and gators. They simply disgust me. In everglades, florida, we went for airboat cruise. There was a lady with baby gators. You could pat them, hold them. I did not dare. My friend said it was … rubbery. I met some snakes in usa while hiking. Nothing funny at all.

Once, in my building there was a note saying that a man from the power supplying company would be visiting apartments to wrtite down electricity meters. That was nothing out of ordinary. We had few meters in our apartments and once or twice a year people from gas, power or water comapnies visited us to check the usage. Now it is more modern. They can check them (apart from water meters) without getting inside the flat. Convenience.

At the bootom of the announcement they asked for …

Please keep your dogs, snakes, lizzards or other exoctic animals in a separate room.

Apparently there was cases of … close encounters of the third kind.

That made me go „oh” and „hmmm” at the same time. I was really surprised with that postscript. But, on the other hand, people could have pets of any kind. That should not be peculiar, right? So the note was much more … preventive.

I witnessed a situation once.

A normal day in Białystok. A dog tied with his leash at the entrance of the store. Barking beastly. My friend wants to enter the store. The dog looks like he wants to taste my friend’s throat. Barking even more beastly.

– do not be afraid. He does not bite – calms my friend down the owner of the dog

– maybe he does not bite you – answers my friend

So, maybe it is better to give somebody a heads-up, right?

Once, i read about a snake escaping form one apartment. He was trying to reside in another one using water pipes. He was spotted in a … toilet bowl of another flat. That news has just simply traumatized me. Now, everytime i lift the toilet seat i pray – please, let there be no snake.

I like all kinds of home tips. If you wanna have clean this and that, use this and that. If you want your plants to be healthy, add brewed coffee grounds to your water can. If you do not want to get wet during the rain, take the umbrella. That kind of crap.

I read that… Please, do not ask me where i found that kind of crap. I read that if you do not want to find snakes in your toilet bowl, pour some bleach in. My toilet has never been so clean in my life. I doubt if any snake will sneak into my apartment now!