I like thai soup. I actually like the coconut milk in soups. I bet if it is so yummy and real delicious, it is probably unhealthy.

Once on the lips, forever on the hips!


Bummer. Nothing holds me back from the pleasure. Once in a blue moon i can sin. I bought shrimps in Lidl. They were not so expensive.


It was 6 years ago when I renovated my flat. Before metamerphosis I got rid of things, including CDs. I think that 100 discs “went” to the staircase. And someone took them.

Now I have come again to the idea of “refreshening” my music cabinet. I do not listen to CDs anymore. Everything has been streaming for 7 years now. Well, unless i am in the mood for Tom Waits and/or Marillion. They are always on CD. I even thought about leaving them and getting rid of the rest of my CDs.

I do not put anything on internet anymore because people underestimate my gesture and awesome bargains. For example, I will give a set of 5 CDs for 20 zlotys, some will ask in a moment whether 15 zlotys will be ok. Or the other – how much for 4 discs?

I also looked at the bikes and it came out that I could ask for 300 zlotys. But I do not want to wrangle and lower the price week after week. Probably i would end up with 150-200 zlotys. Hence, I prefer to give away my bike to my highschool friend. Now he can bike with his mistress away, to the forest, to the unknwown.

So i do not want to deal with people. I prefer to give my gems in good hands. I am looking for good hands now. If anyone hears that somebody desires good music, tell them about me and my great CD giveaway.

I picked 38 CDs just like that. I still have seconds thoughts on Madonna, Edyta Bartosiewicz and Coma. But they stay (for now) out of sentiment.

And take a look, how much space I have in the cabinet now! I am such a genius. A real space saver!
Warning! Before good hands get good music, I will enjoy myself with this music for the very last time. I think it would be fair. I will listen to them and if nothing moves me, if no nice thoughts arrive, I will give them away … in good hands.

I started with A letter.

Adele – 21

Damn, I think she stays!

Now Christina Aguilera and her retro “Back to Basics”. Damn, I think she will stay too. The girl recorded a nice double album. And she had/(has?) a strong, powerful voice.


I feel like those good hands will be empty.

I have the same with the wardrobe. Every now and then I decide to throw away old clothes. Or clothes in which I no longer show up publicly.

I have no problem with selection. The decision is here and now. You stay. You out. Oh, i really own that?

So, lots of clothes pile up on the floor quite quickly. And now i go like this:

Oh, I have never worn it, throwing it away would be a real waste. I wear it once and I will tell


Oh no, not that


Hmmm, a bit old and worn down, but super comfortable

Or I can hear

No, do not throw me out. Wear me

I will not be surprised if I save those records. I bet everything will suddenly turn out to be nothing but beautiful music.

Some CDs I bought only for one song.

Rachel Yamagata – Worn me Down

Shirley Horn – Here’s to Life

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Candlebox – 10,000 horses

Fatboy – Bad News from Pretty Red Lips

Muzykoterapia – Winobranie

Incarnations – Rebeka


I hope that good hands do not show up and i will not have to make drama out of giving them away.