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the picture is a screenshot of Madonna’s instagram

i think me and the Queen of Pop graduated from the same school. She is so unbelievable.

When i had Instagram i was checking her account every now and then. Her thoughts were always brilliant.


Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back. They’re behind you for a reason


So Touché


She is a class of 2020. Well, i think i am bit older. I graduated years before you, honey.

She is a class. She is doing a great job not only for more matured artists but for all women. She shows they can do whatever they want no matter how old they are. I salute her. I support her.

I wish she had not been boycotted by the US radio and music industry. Well, her singles are not occupying Billboard Hot 100 chart or any charts now. That is the price for selling your soul to Live Nation. Drake has just matched her record for most top 10 songs on Hot 100 (with 38). Seriously? Drake?

Thank God there are fans and some other charts. 50 number one hits on Dance Club Chart. Top that please. Rhianna is a runner up with only 33. Beyonce – 22. Madge is the Queen. Not only of pop. She is an Icon. GOAT.

You may disagree. But honestly, look at her achievement, at her struggle. And then think as a male. See the difference? For us, men, it would be so obvious, so out there. But she had to … pave the way. And it appeared she pioneered the way.

I have nothing but happy and positive thoughts about Madonna. I do not care that her first show in Poland in 2009 was a disaster. She is Madonna! I love her.

I have been following her career from the very early years … of mine. I remember her responding when asked about the failure of her Erotica album. It was something like that:

Well, if 3 million sale is a failure. I wish every artist that kind of failure

She ended up with 6 million albums sold eventually. Nice failure people.


This post was supposed to be about … not Madonna.



I was never a fan of Paramore. A band for kids, right? So, i have no idea what kind of hits they have had. The lead vocalist have done some colabs. And yet again, those songs have not been sung for me. Although B.o.B.’s Airplanes was a huge hit back in 2010. I remember they had to put “from Paramore” after Hayley Willimas’s name. Who the hell was she, right? But Paraomre? It rang some bells.

In 2001 or 2002 there was a Christmas song. Bono featuring Chris Martin. I was like “Chris Martin? Chris Martin? Who is that? Country singer?”. After few years everybody knew who he was. Coldplay man.

Some months ago i heard on a Polish radio that Hayley Willimas would release her debut album. i knew who she was but it took no notice on me. But on that radio they kept repeating it on and on. So it stayed in my mind.

It will be something different. Something new. You will not expect this

I was like “Yeah, right. Paramore was for kids, What is she going to show us?” I really did not care about that gal.

Some weeks ago i heard something disturbing. I was like “oh my. Not that bad”.

I let Siri listen. I checked it on iTunes. Alternative. Nice. My kind of music. My genre. The name? … Hayley Williams. And then it dawned on me

Simmer simmer simmer. Good job girl!