“Hey little bird, fly away home.
House is on fire, children are alone”

People keep asking me “Maciej, what are you up to this Saturday?”. “What am I up to? What am I up to? It’s easy. I’m going to pay a tribute to the one and only Tom Waits and his awesome music”.

cd collection

My best friend introduced his music to me around 2005. I even helped him and bought Swordfishtrombones CD in London to make his collection complete. It was natural that me, a huge music freak, wanted to give Tom Waits’ music a chance. I borrowed some CDs and experienced the music of mr Waits. At the end of the day, I was enchanted with his … grunting.

I collected those CDs for more than 5 years I believe. I bought some in London, some in New York and Princeton. Few on Amazon and Polish music stores. It was hard but fun collecting those little gems. It is my dream to see him live. But that ain’t gonna happen, I think. He does not tour anymore. I really do not know why we did not trace him down at his last two tours: The Orphans (2006) and Glitter and Doom (2008). We must have lost our minds.

Diana Krall is the queen of covering Tom Waits songs. I love her “Jockey full of Bourbon”. However what she did with “Temptation” is a masterpiece. It blows me away every time i hear that song! Her version outshined the original. Whenever i hear:

“Rusted brandy in a diamond glass
Everything is made from dreams (…)
I can’t resist…”

I really can’t resist!

The album i listen to the most is … The Heart of Saturday Night, i think. Or maybe Nighthawks at the Diner? Hard to decide.

My love to Tom Waits music stays solid. I play his music every now and then. And today is now. Have a great Saturday everybody.

“I said hey little bird, fly away home.
Your house is on fire, your children are alone”