i have been so confused lately. Last night i wrote i had neglected my blog because it had been so hard to write my thoughts down. And today? Ta-dah! Yet another post.


One more fact about me – the last thing on my mind is what to wear. I really do not care. As long as it is clean and neat. I do not even care if the clothes have wrinkles and scream for the iron. Clothes do not make the man.

However, today, on Sunday, on God’s day i am confused! I see confusion. Look

1 me

Maciek, make up your mind. NY or Canada? Thank god, that NY letters match the colour of the hat, so they are not so obviously visible. But still, i know, i see the confusion.

The advantage of wearing the mask is that you can sing, and nobody can see it. I mean silent singing. You just move your lips. Talking to themselves people scare me a bit. So, mask covers that singing or talking face. And i like singing. Sadly, this is the only thing i wish i could do good. Or decent, at least. If you hear me singing, i will be confused and will have to annihilate you. This is how terrible this skill is (sad face).

The weather is confusing as well. They forecasted rain and wind for the weekend. So far, not so bad. It is sunny. No sign of rain. My daily routine is to cover 10 000 steps. I dress up expecting wind, rain and cold and head to the royal park nearby (2 miles. Is it still nearby?). That round trip is what i need to fulfil my daily regimen. After few minutes i curse the weather app in my iPhone. The jacket (windblocker from North Face. I really like the goods from that brand) is so unnecessary and annoyingly disturbing. I take it off. Still, i feel uncomfortable. I wrap my jacket around my waist and enter the park.

Wilanow Royal Park in Warsaw.

On the radio they mentioned that today, 5 years ago our current President Andrzej Duda (PAD) had won the election. He is not my president. That man was pulled out of nowhere 5 years ago. Nobody knew him. He is a puppet in the hands of a little man (literally little – height and character). I swear i will not be swearing on my blog. That little man is the leader of the ruling party in Poland – Law and Justice. I hope you know what oxymoron is. Then you can have a gist what kind of party is that and what kind of man that funny, little fella is. I remember last elections in USA. I was there. Road tripping both Carolinas and Georgia. I talked to people. I heard what they thought about Trump and Clinton. Blame it on my English, but what the heck is a lying beach? I was in Myrtle Beach but there was nobody lying. So, Hilary was that lying … you know what but he was … no better.

Do not worry. You are not in this alone. 5 years ago we had no choice. Or on the contrary, we had the choice – we could pick dumb or dumber. We elected worse evil in my opinon. This year it looks like PAD is going to be re-elected. Gee!

And do not even let me start on our first lady. What a … do not swear, do not swear. Ok. It is my blog, i can write whatever i want. Beach. What a cold beach.

Oh, the last events in Poland show that we do not have freedom of speech, we do not have free public media. Police is Militia again. So i take back that beach. Maybe i should use Snoop Dogg’s narrative. Biatch.

I have a feeling that our first lady does not give a darn about people. She had been an active German teacher before her hubby was elected. Last year when Polish teachers went on strike, she did not support them at all. She turned her back on them. On her own people. What a … How rude!

At the beginning of the current presidency, the media started the buzz that she looked alike Claire Underwood. Oh my, oh my. That fictional character has a class, style, her own opinion. She knows what she wants.

The real First Lady – just the opposite. Always in the shadow.

Few years ago, when PAD went to NYC with his comfortable importance, some of our fellow countrymen showed their disapproval. They did not like the way our president treated members of Constitutional Court. We, the Polish People believed that the actions of the ruling party towards the Constitutional Court violated standards of democracy. We went out on the street of Poland shouting CON-STI-TU-TION. We did not like PAD. And in Manhattan, Poles showed what they thought about our father of the nation. The first lady faced the crowd saying completely nothing. She was just clapping her hands with a malicious smile and contempt on her face toward those people. Her countrymen. What a … How rude! Sadly, it looks like we will have 5 more years with that couple. Vote or die people!

Former first ladies were very active. Some of them had their own foundation, they listened to the people, they had their own opinion, they took a stand when it had to be taken. Current first lady? I see confusion, to put it mildly.

In the places of my boyhood

The pit-wheels turn no more

Nor any furnace lightens

The midnight as of yore

The slopes of slag and cinder

Are sulking in the rain

And in derelict valleys

The hope of youth is slain

(…) Though blighted be the valleys

Where man meets man with pain

The things my boyhood cherished

Stand firm and shall remain