I can ride my bike with no handlebars. No handlebars

Yes, i can. But I am not doing it often. I am just scared.

It was June 2017 when i had a crush with a girl. Me on my bike. She on a city bike. The gal did not look ahead, did not pay attention. She was looking around. She decided to join her boyfriend and bike parallel with him.

Crash, boom, bang.

I just remember our handlebars met and then me on the ground. I somersaulted over the handlebar. Her bike was heavier so she was unharmed. Well, 600 polish zlotych (160$) for a new iPhone 6s screen – that was my damage. Plus some droplets of blood. Do not mention open skin here and there.

So now i am scared or, let’s say, cautious, as far as speed is concerned.

Yes, i can ride my bike with no hands on the handlebar. But what for?

Today i had a dream!

I like my dreams.

They are interesting, eclectic and … surreal. I am a king of a castle fighting with monsters, and in the next second i am flying an aircraft or trying to survive flood.

My dreams are  picturesque. However i remember them quite shortly. When i want to tell my dreams later, i see void. Why?

I was told once:

If you want to remember your dreams, follow this:

– look out the window

– focus on a distant but still point

– do not be distracted

– re-tell the dream


Today i have re-told my dreams few times so far. Hence i remember it. Did i look out the window? I really do not remember! The whole day i was nervous. I wanted to be home already, writing my new post on my blog.

Important fact about my tonight’s dream. It was my birthday.

Ok, here we go.

I was riding my blue bike with handlebar and with my hands on it! I was the king of the road. I was biking downhill and upwind. My unzipped blazer was behind me. I felt like an angel.

I glanced at my speedometer. 120 kmh (75 mph). Awesome – i shouted in my mind. I am free as a bird. Nothing can stop me now.

Next i saw a lady on her bike with a basket in front. I took all the precaution overtaking her. When she was behind me i decided to slow down. You are way too fast Maciej – i told myself. Besides the surface was uneven. I started to press my brakes gently. A momentary lapse of focus and i was zigzaging. I am flying – i thought. The next thing i saw was my bike way ahead of me and me lying on the ground. The lady stopped by my bike and was checking if everything was fine with my blue demon. She was not interesting in checking on me! Surprisingly i was not hurt! A mircale! I apporoached my bike and saw some demages – speedometer detached from my handlebar and completely destroyed bike lock cable. All i said was – oh my, how can i lock my bike now!?


Damn, you morning alarm clock.

Did i fall out of bed? I felt a little battered.

What is the meaning of my dream?

  • am i missing my bike?
  • is this longing for spring?
  • am i insane?
  • who bikes 75 mph!?
  • will not i see my 44th birthday?
  • is somebody trying to steal my blue bike?

And why do i call myself Maciej, not Maciek?

* oh, do not try to copy my dream. It can be fatal. And remember to wear bike helmet. Safety first.