That was the shortest home office ever, right! I had to leave my home for work today. To circulate the screens and disinfectant gels/liquids to our branches. It was a total mess. A girl did not know how to get those deliveries right. It appeared i had to go to one branch outside Warsaw and my friend had another branch in the same city. Thank god we met and i took over his delivery. I was supposed to be in 12 places today. 9 in Warsaw. 3 outside the city. I only managed to go to 3. The furthest place was more than one hour away from the office. But i like to drive. I can listen to my fav radio stations, i can dance, i can sing, i can take pics (only on red light! Only! Safety first). So home office was fun but super short.

Frutti Di Mare? What can i say. It is Nut Cane aka Mark on the vocals. My former english teacher. He was supposed to teach us business english. He tried to teach us how the guitar was built instead.

At age 14 he went to Toronto for 10 years so his accent was uncanny (for me at least). I was a grouppie of Frutti Di Mare. Ha! New fact about me. They released only one album. I saw them live 3 times. I got backstage couple of times. I was hanging with the band after the shows. Smoking this and that. Singing funny songs. It was in 2009 i think. Sadly they split. I wrote an email to Mark 3 month ago. He is somewhere outside Wałbrzych (southern Poland). He sent me his new and older music. Well, it is not the same. I really think Mark has a very good voice. He should be heard. His version of Colony (Joy Division) is better than the original, imho.

A cry for help, a hint of anesthesia

Cuck Foronavirus. I even do not know what is going on. I only read two articles today:

  • half of the cases in USA is in NYC
  • epidemic status in Poland starts today. No schools ’til Easter. So no museums, cinemas, theatres, pubs, bars, restaurants, shops too, i think. And not obeying the law you will be penalized with not 5 000 zł (1 200$) but 30 000 zł.

And that was Friday!