algiers is one of my fav songs of all time. I like Greg Dulli. Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair is the one of the best cover songs ever. Sorry Nina Simone.

I have seen Greg Dulli/Afghan Whigs/Gutter Twins/Twilight Singers like 10 times so far.

My friend loves Greg too. I think i infected her with his music. The last time we saw him live it was in Basen/Swimming Pool Club. Fuck, he is like the new Elvis. He has His beauty, he has His aura, His charm! After the gig my friend texted me she was wet during the gig. Wow, she was so lucky.

So, we have had the battle waged for life now. I am really surprised what Italy has done. Unbelieveable.

For the very first time i am scared. But i am so calm on the other hand. I know the threat. I see number of dead people. But i see the number of recovered people too. We have to stay calm. I am really shocked with people’s behaviour. No soap in the stores. No toilet paper. People, seriously!? That is so whack! I shop on a regular basis. Thank god they do not buy my goods – fish. They buy out poultry. Ha! Bon apetite people.

I am surprised with closing pubs, bars and restaurants. But on the other hand i second the idea of staying home. To minimize the spread of the covid-19. Hence no people working. Hence closed this and that. I totally support it.

In my work? I can tell the truth as nobody reads my blog in english. My boss is a real … not a team player!

We got an email from him last Thursday – one person works from home for a week. Comes back and anther one does home office. We have 11 teams all over the country of 2 people. So, one man is always on duty in the office. I got this. We sign up for the schedule. After a while we got another email – sadly, HR disagrees with home office. Only people with kids no older than 14 can go. And my remark – our team consists of 23 people. Only me and my boss have laptops. The rest has desktops and mobile phones with access to business emails. So working from home is rather answering emails and making phone calls. No work on attachments.

So, 10 out of 23 people are eligable to work from home. I am ok with this. My boss says – go home and work for a week from home.

Few minutes later we got another email from our lord – hi, i am gonna work from home from 13th of March til 27th.

People went mad. How rude! He is our manager. He is leaving the ship the frist? And only i know that he does not take his laptop home (despite CEO told us to take laptops home everyday) and he cannot receive business emails on his business phone. So it seems like not working from home. Just sitting at home. His kid is 13 so he was eligable to work from home. But why for two weeks as some of us could do it only for a single week? And his wife is a teacher so she is home as schools are closed. Rude!

His second email was like this:

I do not have to remind you that you have to answer your phone. You have to have your phones always recharged.

How fucking rude!

Next day i called HR asking about updates. Yes, if i feel unsecure i can work from home. I called my boss i told him that i am gonna work from home. It was not a question. It was an info. And i heard

Do not shit with fear

I got pissed. I told him that he went home unconcernly. With no acces to emails and whatsoever. He told me to watch my mouth.

– really? You say that? – i asked him

– watch your mouth

– i have never talked to you the way you talk to me. I never say „do not shit this and that”. I am telling you the truth. You have abandoned us unconcernly with no acces to corporate’s info

– go home

– ok. I will. On monday. I have things to do today


Later that day i was doing my businness errands. He called me for some info. We could work from home. 1 person for two weeks and then another for two weeks. He wanted the numbers of our computers. I did not know them so he told me to go back to the office immediately.

We sent him the info and i called him asking why people were putting info about possiblity of using their private computers for bussiness matters. He did not know.

Later i found out that if you wanted to work from home on your private computer you had to put the number of your bussiness desktop. And then you could connect to your bussiness computer from home. It just needed the acceptance of my boss. But he did not know about it. And when people called him to accept the application he said „no. I do not have time for this now”.

I wrote an email to my workmates saying that i can log in to any app in our company, that i have a bussiness laptop, so if they will seek for any help, i am there. I know that when you are at home and you use only your phone you cannot do anything with attachemnts. But my boss is an ignorant.

Almost everybody thanked me. My boss answered the last

Thanks Maciek. But i do not wanna burden you with more tasks. And if anybody wants to do something with Microsoft Office’s files, they can send files from work to home, work on it and send it back and forward it from the phone.

Well, my boss is ignorant. You are not allowed to do that. But it was not the first time when he introduced us with his ignorance.

Several months ago he switched his SIM card from bussiness samsung to his private iPhone, losing access to anything concerning his work.

For the very first time i am really concerned with the situation. I really do not understand why i should be in the office and do nothing there. I really have nothing to do in my office now. All the activities were cancelled. I would be safer working from home.

I talked to my friends. One of them is a managing director. I always like to hear his advices. He said that in his company, if anybody felt insecure of coming to the office, he or she was allowed to work from home. My other friend – the deputy director – said all of her stuff were sent off.

It is serious. But i have a distance. I have a common sense. I do not stock up. I have food for few days. I minimalize the risk. I do not wanna go shopping for food everyday. I can do it every 3 days. But people went crazy. I laugh at them. They bought out 2 things – soap and … poultry. I say that my neighbourhood is well educated. They do not buy pork. They prefer healthier products. But, is poultry really healthy? What were all those chicken fed on?

I know the virus will go away. We just need time. Stay calm and do not panic.