Gimme some of that

bad times

Pandemic is definitely a bad time. I have lost few close to me people since March 2020. I think of them quite often. 

good times

I have managed to travel few times for the last 3 months. Yay! Life is good again. I loved my trip to Greece, Sweden and Denmark (details in previous posts). 

bad times

I cannot travel as i would like to. USA has been neglected. But the borders have been closed. Well, they say they are gonna be open soon but i am not convinced. The restrictions are way too repelling. What if i take a test 3 days prior my trip and i will be covid-19 positive? Tickets are not cheap. I will lose money and holiday. Let’s wait a year and see what will happen. For now i am gonna take a rain check. 

good times

Last weekend i took my Swedish friends to Life in Polish People’s Republic Museum. Well, they are of Polish roots (they are brothers) but the older one lived only 3 months in my country and the younger was born in Sweden. Their mom and dad taught them Polish. And they quite often visit the Vistula country. However, they did not know life in PRL (Polish People’s Republic). And they should be happy. Those were not happy times. Communism, nothing in the stores. Grey life. Martial law from 1981 ’til 1983. But i remember those times as a good time. Maybe because it was my childhood time and childhood should be happy.

My mouth was either open or smiling while i was exploring the museum. I totally forgot about some things. Old vacuums, ration stamps, vibovit and so on. When i saw a bed wall, my childhood room I had shared with my sister projected in my mind. It was a must! If you had a small room, there was no place for two regular beds. Bunk bed was not so popular back then. I remember when my sister bed was unfolded, there was a narrow gap between our cribs. Now, when i am at my folks, in my old room, i wonder how me and my sister managed to live in one room. Were we that small? I am pretty sure our place was so spacious. Weird!

bad times

I think i have uninvited guests in my apartment. HAD! I hope HAD uninvited guests. When i came back from Greece last July a had a disturbing sleep. Itchy night. I did not pay much attention. I thought i had returned from far away and my body was adjusting to its old environment. The next 3 weeks were ok. I slept like a baby. In the middle of August the itching returned. I could not sleep. Well, i fall asleep easily however around midnight i was awake … scratching myself. Midnight equals ghosts, right? And i like horror stories. After few nights i started to examine my body. No foul play, no marks or whatsoever. Maybe it is that new laundry capsules? – i deemed wisely – i bought new detergent few weeks before. I decided to not use it for a while and see what would happen. Status quo. Itching and scratching around midnight was my regular activity every night. I was a zombie every morning. I talked to my older hence wiser friend about my case. He mentioned scabies aka 7-year itch. He said it was so common to have unwanted company in your luggage from southern Europe hotels. As i am very practical i browsed internet and rushed to the closest pharmacy. In the meantime, i tried to call my friend who went to Greece with me. He slept in the living room but still, it was the same apartment. I could not reach him so i ended up with a recommended (and only one) and life-rescuing liquid for killing what was on or under my skin. My friend called me back and he said he had been fine since the return from beautiful (and expensive) Greek island called Santorini. He mentioned … allergy instead. He asked if i had been using hotel cosmetics only. I confirmed.

– that can be it – he stated

– but it was almost a month ago! It itched me the first night since the return, but it stopped and now it started again – i replied

– have you traveled lately? – he continued his investigation

– oh! I was discovering polish vineyards down south Poland and DID sleep in the hotels last week. I visited my folks before that – i shouted

– that must be it – my friend concluded

I talked to another friend (the one that suggested scabies) and summarized my conversation. I stressed that 3 weeks gap. That is the time those little bastards need to hatch. The mother fed on you the first night and laid her eggs. 3 weeks later you have new scabies – he lectured me as a good biology teacher. 

I used that liquid i had bought for 5 days. I also remembered that when i was scratching myself a year ago my friend recommended a sugar peeling. So i did both! Liquid and that peeling. And improvement did not come.

On one September Sunday i saw a bug on my sheet. I took a pick and distributed it among my friends asking if they had any slightest idea what it was. Deer louse – one said. I should not be alarmed, it would die any day soon. But i was not sure. Bed bug was a second choice. I knew it was it. I trust my guts. Bed bugs are the hardest to remove. Damn! I read some advice on the internet and armed myself up! It is a war, motherfuckers! – i shouted and felt almost like Rambo. I took the bed apart and removed the covers. I saw two egg colonies. I used disinfectant liquid and … nothing. Steam mop was merciless and fatal. The eggs turned into a black goo. I smiled! Die motherfuckers! Pardon my French. I washed everything simultaneously – bed covers, all my linens, curtains, towels. Steam function in my washing machine finally paid off. My flat looked literally like a battlefield. I also used an iron where i could. Same day i saw a leaflet in my mailbox – professional exterminate services. I called them right away and made an appointment.

Conversation was like that:

– hi, i think i have bed bugs and i want to annihilate them – i started

– bed bugs?! They are the hardest to remove – he started

– sir, i really do not care if they are hardest or not to kill. I need to get rid of them as soon as possible. When can you come? – i asked

– tomorrow or Saturday – he replied

– tomorrow is fine. I am available any time tomorrow – i decided to strike while the iron was hot

So my poor bed bugs had the worst two days ever. In a row. The second visit is scheduled a month after the first one. Just to make sure they did not have a chance to lay new eggs. I hope i will never see them again. 

good times

I decided some time ago i would work from my office twice a week. However lately i have made my mind to dress more … elegant. I had enough of sweatpants, jeans and t-shirts. I know there are not many people in my office buildings, and we do not have any business meetings, but still, you bump into some directors on the corridor. Or i can visit my boss in another office building. I decided to wear shirts and suit pants. No tie. Definitely no tie. 

I was worried about my work clothes as i heard earlier this year that during the pandemic people had gained some weight. Average 5 kg/9 pounds. Despite that i decided to look nice today. Business-wise nice. I dug out my old pants from the closet. I smiled. It has been at least 3 years since i wore them last time – i thought. I remember they were so tight i was afraid to sit or duck, or squat, or bend over. I had a feeling they would crack and my butt would pop out. As i am an adventurous and you-never-know-until-you-try kind of guy, i decided to give them a last try. Take it or leave it. If i do not button them, i will donate them to charity. 

Left leg, right leg. Zip and … ta-dah!

I was shocked! 5 kg my ass! I am as fitter as never. 

good times, bad times

October the 1st, 2021 marked 20 years in one company. Oh my god. I cannot believe it has been that long. I had good and bad times with my current employer.