16th august 1977 Elvis decided to vanish. The day the music died … again. Queen of Pop was celebrating her 19th birthday that day. King of Pop and Prince were also born in 1958. 4 years ago, Queen of Soul, Aretha, joined the choir of angels. Coincidence? I do not think so. Royalty has/had something in common. Kings, queens and prince. Their majesty. Musical majesty.

I am not a huge fan of the King. However, when I hit the road back in 2019 i decided to take the opportunity and … shhh.

Initially i did a road trip from New Jersey to Kansas City, Missouri. To visit my dear friend Michael. I had a blast there. He treated me like a king. He showed me the city in and out. Thanks buddy. I never forget those 2 days. I really appreciate it. And if you are ever in Poland, let me know. I will show you some places here and there.

On my way back, i thought it would be great to take the southern route. Through Tennessee. As i do not like do same things twice, it seemed like a splendid idea. 

Long story short, my dear friend Ula fixed me with a weird, peculiar, odd hotel in Memphis area. Well, during that trip, every motel was … one of a kind. 

I ended up in Graceland. Money issue. 300 bucks in Memphis vs less than 100 in Graceland. I picked the latter. Do the math. 

The next day i drove to Elvis’s. I set coordinates and i heard “in 200 meters your destination is on the left”. I could have walked there!

I did not have time to take tours in Graceland – park, mansion, planes. The first available trip was around 10 am or something. It was 8 am and i had long trip ahead of me. All I could do was to admire the King’s mansion and backyard (I think it was called garden or meditation garden). But that was enough. I felt the spirit of the King! 

Damn! He was the greatest. He was the King. He was Jesus! We do not have such personalities in music these days. Queen of Pop, King of Pop. And now? Who? Britney was called the Princess of Pop, but pleaaaaasseeeee. 

45 years has passed but i really think Elvis is still with us. I buy that theory. I wish he had lived longer. I wonder would kind of music he would be recording.

And oh, oh, oh, the King of Pop married the King’s daughter. 

Queen of Pop sang Fever too. 

Happy birthday Madge!

Elvis, have fun somewhere out there.

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.